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21 February 2009

Jaden and Potty Training

A few months ago, we decided its time for Jaden to be potty trained. He was already 1.5 years old. Diapers are not cheap and as he grows, the price per piece gets more expensive .

Jaden initially refused to sit down on his potty. He would cry, screamed and struggled to get up from the potty. He didn’t like us to pull down his pants, let alone to take out his diaper. We gave up and he continued with his diapers day and night. Occasionally, he got rashes.

Jaden will be turning two in Mar. I felt it was really time for another round of potty training. My elder boy, Jared was out from diaper for day time at 1.5 years old. During my lunch with Jo who has a boy of the same age as Jaden, we exchanged notes on potty training and she told me how she managed to successful train Athan.

When I came home that day, I discussed with my hubby and Nina. We decided to put Jaden on potty training again. Jaden still didn’t like the potty. He cried, screamed and struggled when we tried to put him on potty again. Then, we asked Jared to sit on his potty. Somehow, Jaden likes to follow his brother. We let both of them played with the potty for a while.

Initially, Jaden was not used to not wearing diaper. I guess he felt naked and kept on pulling his pants higher. That's so funny.

He also didn't like the wet feeling after he wee wee in his pants. He said "wet wet" and made real fuss about it.

After that Jaden did not wee wee in his pants. Instead, he would say “Wet, wet” and Nina was very smart to quickly bring him to his potty. He cried and cried and after a while, the urine came out.

We noticed Jaden’s funny behavior when he wants to pass urine. He would hold his crotch, he would be grouchy and made fuss for no reason. He stopped doing whatever things he was doing, he will cry and the more frequently he will say “Wet, wet”.

A few days ago before bath, Nina put Jaden on the toilet bowl to wee wee. While holding his duck toy, he cried. Nina helped him to squeeze the duck and water came out from the duck. Thereafter, Jaden passed urine in the toilet bowl. Jaden looked down and he found amazed that there were water out from the duck and from his penis.

The next morning, surprisingly Jaden woke up and cry. He usually wake up smiling and will wake up his daddy "Daddy, daddy", touch and kiss daddy. I made him milk and after his milk, I changed his diaper. To my surprise, it was dry and without any trace of his urine.

I asked Jaden "Shee shee?” He sat up and walked to the toilet. I helped him to the toilet bowl and he passed his urine without any fuss.

The same thing happened the following day ... and the following day. No urine on Jaden’s diaper throughout the night. Hooray! The potty training is completely successful.

Today, the same thing happens, with the addition of “poo poo”.

After poo poo, he looked into the toilet bowl and then, flushed the water.


Kiasu Mom said...

When Hayley's time comes, I will need to get notes from you :-). I actually bought 2 potties, the old fashion type and another from Ikea and only used once. She didnt like it and made a big fuss.

treasure memories said...

Sure but you may wish to train Hayley now since she's 1. I have a friend who had a very good baby sitter. The auntie trained her daughter at 1 and she made it. Save a lot on diapers.

It was so funny to see Jaden looked into the toilet bowl and then flushed the water.

j.c. delgaudio said...

Try the towel potty training method.