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17 March 2009

CNY Gathering, Tea Party & Farewell

Every year, this group of friends from secondary school will visit us during CNY. At least, I’ll get to see and catch up with them once a year. Over the years, the group has expanded, with spouse, kid and more kids.

This CNY, I invited them over to our house for tea as I owed them a cheese cake which they didn’t get to taste during Charissa’s full moon party. Then, Wai Peng suggested that we have a pot luck and also to bid farewell to Eric. Eric has been promoted to the Asia Pacific head of his company and would be re-located to Hong Kong on 22 Feb 09.

Eric informed that the group had become bigger and if I’m ok with it. Hubby was concern that our house may not be able to accommodate everyone comfortably and we did not have sufficient table and chairs for the big group. My friends are all very nice and they didn’t mind to sit on the floor but how could we allow this, right?

I decided to have a tea party rather than the usual CNY gathering. A day earlier, I went to buy all the cake ingredients, paper plates, plastic forks, etc for the tea party. After dinner, hubby took the kids to upstairs and baby sit them. Nina and I baked red velvet cheesecake and chocolate cheese cake. We started baking at about 9.30pm and by the time the cakes completely cooled down and ready to be chilled in the fridge, it was already 1.30 am.

The next morning, we cleared up Jared’s room and set up Thomas train set ...

Tomy big loader ...

Hot Wheel set 1 ...

Hot Wheel set 2

Hot Wheel set 3.

Jared's Hot wheel cars, ready for the tracks.

After lunch, we set up bubbles station outside the house. We had 5 bottles of bubbles on Ikea round table, with stools. We also set up Aqua Play, bought from Early Learning Centre The Curve few years back, on Jin and Jo’s recommendation.

We were all ready for the tea party and I was glad that we had these few games for the kids and at least, we could spread out the crowds around the house. I smsed to those with younger kids to bring changing clothes as their kids may wet their clothes from the bubbles and aqua play.

The tea party was at 3.30pm on Sun, 8 Feb 09 (also Thaipusam holiday). As the group always late, usually by an hour, I stated on my sms to them that tea proper would start at 4 pm.

To my surprise, the first family, Cawerlyn and Eng Leong family arrived early, before 3pm, way before the party time! Cawerlyn wanted to buy Yee Sang but I told her that we have enough food for tea time.

The next family to arrive is Eric and Jo family. They brought longan jelly made by Eric himself. The jelly was bouncy and not too sweet. Not bad, huh. We had Head of Asia Pacific for a big MNC to make us jelly, really honoured.

Wai Peng and Low family arrived thereafter, with the fresh from the oven, baked lemon pie. She brought plastic stools along since we didn't have enough chairs at home. Very sweet of her.

Rick was out of town and Charissa came with her 2 daughters, Tracy and baby.

Since we already had 4 families in the house, we started the tea party. The witty Eric claimed that the early birds would have their tea on this nice tea set, while the late comers would just use paper plate and cup.

My red velvet cheesecake and chocolate cheese cake. Most of them preferred the red velvet cheesecake as its not too cheesy. The secret to it is the sponge cake with Kahlua flavoured cream cheese and whipping cream.

Kang Peng and Yin Lai family came with this red bean jelly, with delicious red bean taste.

Poh Chu brought the famous Tong Kee Confectionary's egg tarts.

And again, Frankie came alone. He did not bring his wife along. I wonder why he always hide his wife from us.

Verna and Kok Seng family arrived late as their girls had ballet class. During CNY holiday, they went to Langkawi for holiday and as such they brought lots of chocolate for us.

The adults were glued to this table, where food were, from the begining to the end of the tea party ... not that they had other place to sit. hehe

The 2 bigger boys and PSP.

After tea, kids found this Aqua Play interesting and most of them trying to put their hands into the toy and WATER

After a while, some kids move on to bubbles station. Bubbles and more bubbles.

Some good, candid shots ...

24 hours daddy!

Guess what these boys were looking at?

All in all we had 10 families (18 adults and 16 kids) at home for the tea party. It was a great one. Eric commented that it was a very successful tea party. I am glad that everyone (I like to think so) enjoyed themselves. It was good to see old friends again!

Wai Peng left early as her in-laws were in town and they had to get home for dinner. Andy played golf during the day and by the time he came to our house, only Cawerlyn, Charissa and Verna families who stayed on to catch up, were still around.

Verna and her two beautiful daughters and root bear float.

We had our dinner at nearby restaurant. Before we bid farewell, Charissa said “Since this meet up is on Thaipusam, our next gathering will be on Wesak Day”.

But before Wesak Day in May 09, she called two weeks later and informed that her daughter, Tracy enjoyed playing at our house and wanted to come to our house again. She came over to our house after the school exam, during Prophet Muhammad holiday. It was great having you too, Tracy!


Anonymous said...

Hi Saw Leng,

The picture story is lovely. Thanks for the lovely evening. Love your cheesecakes....I have been wanted to learn bake cheesecakes.....attempted once many years back, failed....shall consult you when my baking mood is back. Thanks for the effort....


Kiasu Mom said...

When is our turn? :-)

treasure memories said...

I used to think baking cheesecake must be very difficult, Only bakery and professional can do it. My first attempt is marble cheesecake and it was not as difficult and pretty successful. You can get the recipe from my blog under "Cake" category.

You fix the date and let me know in advance.

cawerlyn said...

My dear,

I really salute busy yet got great desire to do something you enjoy! Can feel that from your’s really very details with little thoughts and care. I love it. Bravo! I am so glad that we have a great editor cum archivist in our group!! The next meet up, we should discuss to set up our own buddies’ blog with plenty of photos from all our individual cameras!

=) Cheers... lyn

treasure memories said...

Hi Cawerlyn,

My pleasure. It was a great pleasure to have you guys at home. We should meet up more often and have more cakes, coffee and chats.