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09 March 2009

Jabs for Children

Hubby and I were so surprised when we found out the vast difference in the price of jabs for children.

We used to go to a paediatrician near our house for Jared and Jaden. Then, on one occasion when hubby had Influenza flu jab at a clinic, the price of the jab was only RM70 comparing to RM150 we used to pay for Jared's jab.

Jared and Jaden were due for their jabs. I called the paediatrician and they advised that MMR Booster (4-5 years old) jab costs RM130.

On Sunday, hubby decided to change the paediatrician. When we paid for the jabs, we were so surprise that the MMR Booster jab is only RM100. The 1st Hepatitis A (2 years old) jab for Jaden costs RM100 too.

I wonder how much other parents are paying for those long list of jabs that our children have to take.


Kiasu Mom said...

That is indeed scary. I also visit the same paed since Hayley was born and not bothered to check on prices cause I thought they should be more or less the same (unless if you visit govt hospital la). This is shocking man.. daylight robbery...sigh..

treasure memories said...

Yes, we taught the same too that more or less the prices should be the same.

Glad that we've checked out other paeditrician.

AC said...

I'll let you know the cost in about 5 years' time :)

treasure memories said...

Hi Alex,

When is Junior Alex coming to this beautiful world?