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08 April 2012

A Super Hero and Meaningful Birthday Bash

7 Apr 12

I still remember how disappointed my friend, Jo was with what happened to her son's Athan's 4th birthday.

She ordered a birthday cake from a famous cake designer and paid so much for it but get disappointed as the cake did not turn out the way she wanted it to be. She wished she could bake and she felt even worst after reading my post on Jaden's birthday wishes came true ... Chocolate Cake in Layers.

Time flies, it's been a year. In mid Mar 12, Jo dropped me a message on Facebook inviting us to Athan's 5th Birthday party at Kidzsport & Gym, Empire Subang Shopping Mall.

Two weeks later, Jo wanted to order 40 cupcakes from me. No, no, no, I don't take order for birthday cake. It is too stressful! I told her that I make nice cakes but not pretty cakes. Jo told me that she ordered a separate birthday cake and wanted my cupcakes as she knows I used good quality ingredients for my cakes.

I wanted to grant Jo's wish as she is my dear friend, especially after the bad experience from her son's last year birthday.

The birthday party was on Saturday afternoon, I planned to bake a batch of butter cupcakes on Thursday evening, another batch of mocha cupcakes on Friday evening and the icing frosting on Saturday morning. I like cakes to be eaten fresh.

Jo told me that she invited some kids from Children Home to join in the birthday party. I was so proud of her and told her that I would love to contribute my cupcakes.

I wasn't well in the early week and it got worse on Thurday. I felt chill inside my body and lost my voice. After work, I went to see doctor and had a good sleep after the medication. I was not fit to make the first batch of cupcakes that planned for Thursday evening. Hubby offered to make them but I wasn't certain about the idea, although he's my "Baking Guru". Luckily, I felt better after the good sleep on Thursday and Friday morning.

The next day, with the help of Moch, I baked a batch of butter cupcakes after my sleep and lunch. When I woke up from my afternoon sleep, I baked another batch of mocha cupcakes.

19 butter cupcakes (in green liner) and 29 mocha cupcakes (in red liner)
On Saturday, after Jaden's music class, we went home to pick up Moch and those cupcakes and I had my sister (with her youngest son) to help me out. We parked our car at Basement 2 and had to walk 5 floors up to the 2nd Floor of Empire Shopping Mall. It wasn't easy especially with so many people looking at those cupcakes.

The theme for the birthday party was "Super Hero Squad". Jo engaged a graphic designer to design this welcome poster and all the others cute decorative stuff.

Mineral water and Kit Kat wrapped in "Super Hero Squad" label.

Jo also ordered this "Super Hero Squad" cover for my cupcakes.
The cupcakes stand

This boxing ring marble cake was ordered from Just Heavenly. Jo ordered the Real Steel's robot figures Twin Cities, Zeus and Atom from Amazon as she could not find them here.

Athan was happy to see his favourite Reel Steel robot figures on his birthday cake.

Birthday table set up by the Candy company. This is so, so cool!

Decorative balloons
You can imagine the kind of thought and details involved in planning this birthday party.

Jo also engaged a professional photographer and ordered food catering, chocolate fountain, roast lamb, sushi, etc for the party.
Athan dancing to pop song before the party games started.

Kids had fun in the play room.

Jo personally prepared this bento set lunch for the kids ... fried rice, sandwiches, fruit and jelly with vitagen/yakult drink.
Magic show that brought so much fun and laughter to the kids.
inclusive of Jaden.
Jaden and Eu Thing checking out the party pack.
Finally, everyone gathered together for Birthday song and cake cutting celebration.
Jo and her happy family
Birthday boy, Athan with his "Real Steel" cake.
I was so happy to see this boy from the Children Home enjoying my cupcakes.
Jaden and Eu Thing had fun at the Kidzsport and did not want to go home. The party ended at 3.30pm but we only left Kidzsport at 5pm.

It was a good catch up with Jo and her husband while we packed up to give way for the next birthday party at Kidzsport.
Thank you note found in the party pack.
Thank you Jo for having us at such a wonderful and meaningful birthday bash. I admire you for your thoughts of having the kids from Children Home over to join in the fun at Athan's birthday bash. I am truly honoured to being part of it.

As Hubby said "In today's stressful lives, when some things go wrong, take a moment to be thankful for the many more things that are still going right".


Quay Po Cooks said...

What SUPERB kiddy birthday party. The birthday boy is a lucky dude! It is heart warming to see the kids having so much fun isn't it?

treasure memories said...

Hi, thank you for dropping by. Yes indeed, the birthday boy is a lucky boy and we were happy to see the kids having so much fun.

Anonymous said...

HI Where did you order the cupcake wrappers and picks? and also the signs? My son wants a Super hero Squad party also. Thanks

treasure memories said...

Hi Anonymous,

My friend got these done and printed by a graphic designer. If you may leave me with your email address, I shall ask my friend to share with you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Thank you for getting back here is my email Everything you did looks great!!! Loved it!!!

treasure memories said...

Hi Mileissa,

I've spoken to my friend, Jo and she will write to you.

Have fun and wish you every success in the birthday party.

zerry ht said...

I am just so pleased to know about this Super Hero and Meaningful Birthday Bash. It is just so amazing. I also like to host such parties for my kids. At the local event venue New York I also had hosted a fun polka dot themed party for my younger daughter’s birthday bash. It was just amazing.