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07 March 2011

Jaden's birthday wishes came true ... Chocolate Cake in Layers

7 Mar 2011
Jaden requested for chocolate cake for his birthday, nothing but chocolate cake. He also told us that he wanted to celebrate his birthday with his friends from his kindergarten.
Last week, I shopped for his party pack. I don't encourage kids to eat junk food and I would not buy those jelly, sweets, etc for his party pack.
I bought the above stationery for his classmates and teachers.
I found this lovely piglet gift bag from Daisho. This gift bag is very appropriate for Jaden as he was born in the year of pig.
Party pack done!
After trying Victoria Sponge Cake for Auntie YC's birthday last week, I wanted to try a smaller version and more layers cake. As Jared's school exam is still on going, I can only make a simple cake. I've tried Amy Beh's chocolate cake, it's simple to bake and taste delicious too. I baked this cake for Jaden's birthday.

To make layers cake, I need to slice the cake into 3 thin layers. My sister has bought this cake slicer and I borrowed it from her. I am so happy to have this tool. I can slice my cake evenly, no more wavy layers of cake. She bought it from Wilton and I will go and get myself one soon.

I put butter cream and strawberry in between the layers of cake. Strawberry goes very well with chocolate cake and so are the colours.

This is the result of the cake. I am quite happy with the results considering that I did not have much time to prepare for Jared's school exam and also Jaden's birthday.
Jaden and his classmates. 4 of the classmates were absent from school today.

Teacher Adelia and the children.
When I picked up Jaden from his kinder today, he was quiet and I asked him why. He was upset and asked me "Why you gave the party pack to all my friends but you didn't give me?". Oops, I thought we have given him the Lego Duplo set. I have forgotten that all kids must receive the same gifts, they do not like to feel left out.


Jo said...

Happy Belated birthday to Jaden!

treasure memories said...

That was quick, I just published the post. Thanks anyway.

eMeLiNe Seet said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Jaden ! what was a great *treat* =)

treasure memories said...

Emeline Seet, I am so delighted to have you to leave comments in my humble blog. Thanks for dropping by

Kiasu Mom said...

Lovely party pack... lovely cake too... how come the teacher didn't give him one? When I brought the party packs to school, the teacher would give one to Hayley as well. and I love the plastic gift wrapper la.. so nice

treasure memories said...

Amy, I dont know. I must ask the teacher. I love the gift bag too and the piggy is cute, ya.