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22 April 2012

My Little Herbs Garden

22 Apr 2012

Every week, during my groceries shopping at TTDI Market, there will be a list of herbs and spices that I need to buy. Be it for Chinese dish cooking, pasta, pizza, I would spend quite a bit in buying herbs and spices for cooking.

When I visited Bayan Indah for an unforgettable Culinary Experience with Rohani Jelani at Bayan Indah, I admire her garden. During the cooking workshop, she would ran down to her garden and pluck whatever herbs she need.

Then, when I visited Audrey's new home at Desa Parkcity, she grown her own garden too.

I used to dream to have my own herbs garden when we move to our new house. Our architect had actually planned for a herbs garden in the new house. We also shared that plan with potential buyers and they did think it was a good idea.

Now that we've decided not to move in to the new house, initially, I thought, there goes my dream of having my very own herbs garden. While beautifying our little garden for Chinese New Year, I realised I can have a mini herbs garden in our current house instead. I'm just going to make do with what I have as I'm living today and appreciate what I have today. I wrote down the list of herbs that we usually buy. The list has been in my To Do list for a few months.

Last week, Fei Yin and I were talking about having our own herbs garden. We shared our thoughts and plan. The next weekend, she and her Hubby went to Sg Buloh nursery and got it done. That was fast!

I finished my weekly errands yesterday. We also had a very good steamboat dinner at home, with a few close relatives. I told Hubby that I needed him to take me to Sg Buloh nursery as I would like to get this dream of having herbs garden materialise.

Today, after breakfast, we drove to Sg Buloh nursery. There were lots of nurseries at Sg Buloh. Fei Yin recommended me to go to those near Sg Buloh Hospital as the plants there are cheaper.

Our first stop was at Lam Garden. I bought 4 plants from this nursery and the rest from other nurseries within walking distance.
Chili Padi for RM5
Chinese Chives (RM5) and Kafir Leaves (RM5)
Coriander (RM7.50)
Sweet Basil (RM7.50)
Thyme (RM7.50) and Rosemary (RM7.50)
I was afraid that I would confuse and mixed up the many plants that I bought, so I bought these little signs from the Nursery at RM1 each.

Oregano (RM7.50), Parsley (RM8.0) and Tarragon (RM7.50)
Oh No! The nursery has spelt "Tarragon" as "Terragon". Or is there any herb called Terragon?

I bought this white fence too for RM15. Just like what Giuliana Rancic said "This white fence is to die for".

I just love this ... white fence and herbs plants! It only costs me RM87 (exclude own pots) to set this up. My dreams came through, we made it happen on this beautiful Sunday. 

I hope my herbs garden will grow well and healthy. I still need to get a few more plants to complete my herbs garden ...
  1. Curry leaves
  2. Pandan leaves
  3. Red Chili
  4. Spring Onion
  5. Mint
  6. Lime
I'll be heading for a pampering session ... massage and facial in the afternoon. My sister invited us to her house for home cook dinner tonight and tiramisu cake for dessert. What a wonderful weekend! I thank God for everything.

Lam Garden Sdn. Bhd

Lot 1680 Jalan Phase 2
Bandar Baru Sungai Buloh
Sungai Buloh
47000 Selangor
+60 (0)3 7846-9008


Anonymous said...

Interesting & creative

treasure memories said...

Thank you, Wendy.
Got the curry leaves plant from FY.

Kiasu Mom said...

Beautiful... and yes, dont let anything stop you from achieving your dream. You can materialise it by using whatever you have! BTW, why need to buy chili geh? My hubby planted chilis and it was easy but they grow too slow (we eat too much too fast hehe) and we even have bitter gourd, pandan leaves, the leaves they use in pan mee (dont know what it is called), ginger and soon papaya :-)

treasure memories said...

Amy, your hubby is so clever. Can you ask him to plant some for me?

I dont have "planter" fingers and plants dont grow under my hand. So, need to buy lor. How sad.

I'm just wishing my plants will grow well and healthy.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I stumbbled accross your blog as i was at Sg Buloh today. I can't seem to find a nursery that sells varieties of herbs. May i know which one you got them from? I also found the white fence attractive, would you remember where you got this from?
Olivia Choong

Saw Leng, KOH said...

Hi Olivia,

Thanks for visiting my blog.

I bought all the above from 3 places, all of them are in the same row.

The first stop was at:
Lam Garden Sdn. Bhd
Lot 1680 Jalan Phase 2
Bandar Baru Sungai Buloh
Sungai Buloh
47000 Selangor

I bought the white fence from the shop next to Lam Garden as they have sold out the white fence.

The 3rd stop was another few shops away. Should have pay notice to the shop name.

I'll suggest that you park your car near to Lam Garden and walk along the same row of shops. They are just a few shops away.