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25 July 2011

Red Velvet Cheesecake for Sister's Birthday

15 Jul 11

I've been baking for a while now. I think my cakes are fairly nice to eat but I do not think that they are pretty. They are not pretty enough as celebration cake, maybe for tea time. I do not like to mess around too much with cakes as I like them fresh and clean, as hygienic as possible.

One of my famous cake is Red Velvet Cheesecake. I've baked it several times now. Recently, I realised I've not baked this cake for my family. Oh no, my family has not tasted this famous cake of mine!

My youngest sister's birthday is in mid Jul 11 and as her birthday this year was on Friday, I planned to bake this cake for her birthday and we could celebrate her birthday after our family dinner at parents house. Which means, I needed to bake the cheesecake on Thursday which is a working day.

I baked the cake after dinner. Red Velvet is a tedious cake to make. Making one Red Velvet can make 4 butter cakes. First, I had to bake the sponge, then the whipping cream, then the cream cheese and lastly, assembling the cake. I finished making the cake at almost midnight. 

Kids putting up candles for sister ... so many of them.

 Sister and her family. Nice photo, taken from not so nice camera phone.

Glad to see Sister so happy in this photo. She commented this is the first time that she did not have to make cake for our family celebration.

My family liked the Red Velvet cheesecake. Hubby told them the story of how I sold my very first Red Velvet cheesecake.


Jo said...

i have yet to taste it too..:(
i think i should order one from you too soon.

treasure memories said...

Which Jo is this? If you are my SIL, I'll bake one for you when you are in town. If you are my friend Jo, I've saved one piece and brought to you at The Curve previously :)

Chai KK said...

The cake was really nice, but the thought was even much nicer.


treasure memories said...

Thank you, KK. Glad that our family like the cake.

Jo.Tham said...

it is fren-Jo...:) now when you talked about it, i remember, but still think i need another round of it....actually it is my son's fav cake as well- everytime we go to the cafe, he will sure says he want that 'red' cake.

treasure memories said...

That's so cute, Jo. Of course, I can bake for you again. When? Miss you le.