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24 July 2011

Mini Cake Loaf

7 Jul 11

Yesterday after dinner, I asked Hubby to take me to Desa Parkcity for a walk. I wanted to visit the newly refitted store Aino Kitchen at the Waterfront, Desa Parkcity.

I saw this cake tray that has 8 smaller holes to bake small cakes and thought it was cute. Auntie YC said the cake tray is a good idea as I can serve individual cake without having to cut cake into slices. The tray costs RM19.90.

I bought it as I intended to bake banana butter cake the following day. Mom complained that I did not give her any share of the banana butter cake that I baked last week.

Today after dinner, I baked banana butter cake and I used the newly bought tray. Hubby smelled the nice aroma of the banana cake and said he’s hungry. I took out one of the cake from the tray and the cake can come out from the tray so easily.

I put a mini banana cake in a box and tie it with purple satin ribbon into a bow. It looks so cute too and I like the tray! I should get another one so that I can have 16 cute little cakes for tea party.


Kiasu Mom said...

You should stay home and run a bakery! :-)

treasure memories said...

How many cakes will you order from me?