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08 July 2011

Flat Feet and Family Podiatry Centre

29 Jun 11

After Jaden's feet x-ray at Sime Darby Specialist Centre at Taman Megah, a few days later, we brought Jaden back to the Family Podiatry Centre with the x-ray report. This time round, we went to the centre at KL Soho, Solaris Mount Kiara. Dr Mark would be taking a month off in Jul 11 to go back to his home town in South Africa.

Dr Mark evaluated Jaden’s feet x-ray and explained it to us. Jaden's talus bones were at 40 degree as compared to the usual 20 degree. I asked Dr Mark why is it that flat feet are so common? Why most of the people do not do anything about it? Why so many people said children will out-grow it? Dr Mark told us the consequences of flat feet i.e. can’t walk for long, experience leg pain, bad posture, etc.

Dr Mark recommended Jaden to wear special shoes to support his feet. However, there were no such shoes of small size for him. They will make an insole for him instead.

After the consultation, we went to another room and saw the above. They used plaster of paris, which is a quick-setting gypsum plaster consisting of a fine, white powder,  calcium sulfate, which hardens when moistened and allowed to dry.

We paid RM650 for this visit which is inclusive of casting fee and deposit for the custom molded orthotics for Jaden. It will take approximately 4-6 weeks for the insole to be ready. By which, Dr Mark will be back.

Our appointment for the day was at 4.15pm. There were quite a number of patients in the centre to catch Dr Mark before he goes on long holiday. By the time we got to see Dr Mark was about 5.15pm. The consultation and preparing the mould casting was less than 30 minutes. I had to wait quite a while for them to print the bill for us to pay. By the time I left Solaris Mt Kiara, it was almost 6 o’clock.

This will be Jaden’s most expensive pair of shoes. We hope it will help Jaden and give him confidence when he runs and let him enjoy his childhood.


Kiasu Mom said...

You guys are such great parents... honestly I dont even know such thing exist. If my kids got it, they may have outgrown it even without me realising. But now that you've shared it, I know.. thanks so much. And hopefully Jared will like his RM650 running shoe :-)

treasure memories said...


Afterall, we work hard for our children,

Pay attention to your kids ie the way they walk, complain leg pain, etc.

Jaden shoes will cost us more than RM1K. More to pay when the insoles are ready.

benloh said...

Hi, I was searching the Internet for info on flat feet and found your blog... you are very dedicated parents!

Perhaps you may like to check out some info re foot problems and orthotics, etc on my blog

God bless you!

treasure memories said...

Dear Benloh,
Thanks for dropping by and the sweet notes.
I've read your blog and share with some friends too. Thanks once again.

Anonymous said...

Hi, would you please update your child foot condition after using the insole? Is there any improvement after one and a half year of treatment? I'm considering having my 10 yr old son feet check, he seems to have flat feet that he doesn't walk like other kids .. :( he tends to sway and can't walk straight. Your advise is greatly appreciated .

Mommy Kelly (

treasure memories said...

Hi Kelly,

We do see improvement in Jaden's feet. He runs confidently now, which we are happy to see that.

The improvement is not as much as the podiatry expected as he did not wear it as often when at home.

I heard Dr Mark is now based in Spore but there's other doctors in the same clinic.

Geck Hiang Tang said...

Hi Jayden's mummy,

I just brought my boy with serious flat feet to visit Dr Mark and paid RM650 for first visit. Same case, waiting insole for next visit.

Dr Mark said need to wear the insole whenever he walks & takes 5 years to recover.

Can you share how frequent u visit FPC & how long yr boy takes to recover? Does it worth visiting FPC ?
How frequent yr boy need to change the new insole?

Also, when wearing shoes at home, does it means you have to always switch the insole from shoe to shoe?

Sorry, a lot of questions but I'm worry about whether my boy really can wear it whenever he walks & the costs and time takes to recover. Thanks a lot in advance on yr sharing.

treasure memories said...

Hi Geck Hiang,

Jaden is wearing the 3rd pair of insoles and is still wearing it.

We visited FPC about once a year or when he outgrows the shoes. The frequency of insole change depends on the speed of growth of our kids.

We do have separate pair of shoes for indoor and outdoor and as such, we need to switch the insole from shoes to shoes. We have since trained Jaden to do this himself.

For the first time, the podiatrist will not make a drastic degree of the insole arch cause this will cause great discomfort to the kids and they will not wear it.

For me, I was feeling very heartache whenever Jaden fell when he ran. I wanted him to have a normal childhood life.

We usually buy shoes when it's on sale.