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18 July 2011

Jaden and his 3 visits to clinic and hospital in a week ... Otitis and Tonsillitis

18 Jul 11

I am so heart ache. Jaden has been unwell for a week now and he has visited GP twice and hospital once in this one week and taken so much medicine.

Last Monday (11 Jul) night, Jaden complained ear pain and he couldn’t sleep well the whole night. He has the same complained in Oct 2010.

The following day, Hubby took him to see a GP near our house. According to doctor, he had Otitis (ear infection) on his right ear and prescribed antibiotic, flu and pain killer medicine for Jaden.

On Sat, I saw green discharge on both sides of Jaden eyes. Jaden started to have red eye on his left eye. Then, the right eye turned red too.
We brought Jaden to see the same GP. According to the GP, the infection had spread to both sides of his ears and he had eyes infection too. Jaden had tonsillitis (an inflammation of the tonsils) and both his nose are blocked, with flu and phlegm. The doctor prescribed him with a stronger antibiotic, cough and eye gel for the red eyes.

At night, Jaden didn’t have a good night sleep. I did not too. He had high fever and I kept sponging and monitor his fever temperature the whole night.

On Sunday, I was trying to catch some sleep in the afternoon but could not as I am not use to afternoon nap.

At night, the same episode recurs. Jaden had high fever of 38.7 Celsius. He couldn’t breathe properly due to blocked nose and didn’t have a good night sleep again. I was extremely tired by then, feeling sleepy and with backache.
I knew I had to bring him to see our favourite pediatrician at SDMC. I took an emergency leave from my boss today and took Jaden to see Dr Lee. Dr Lee is a very thorough and detail doctor. He listened to me and writes down on Jaden’s medical record. He checked Jaden’s eye, nose, ear, and throat and also listen to his breathing sounds. He prescribed more medicine for Jaden ... Garamycin eye drop, Cedax antibiotics, Parmol fever, Bucanil phlegm and Dhasolone syrup to clear respiratory and cough. He advised me not to give fever medicine to Jaden if his body temperature is below 38 Celsius though the temperature is higher than the normal temperature of 36.5 to 37.0 Celsius as their body is fighting inside.

Dr Lee said there’s no major health issue with Jaden but infections that has spread from ears to nose, throat and upper respiratory tract that cause fever, flu, cough and no appetite to food. Jaden’s red eyes are due to itchiness and rubbing of eyes which will take approximately 2 weeks to clear.

The consultation and medicine bill came to a total of RM211.65 and I need to bring Jaden back to see him on this coming Friday to ensure the infections are properly cured and clear.

Jaden is so weak now. He has not been sleeping and eating well and yet he has taken lots of medicine. The Angry Bird toy is his friend now.

He will check his own body temperature and will read the temperature to me. He will ask me to sponge him or spray water to him and say "I like it".

I am going to catch some sleep now, need it BADLY. Hope Jaden and I can have a good night sleep tonight. Need to get back to work tomorrow.


Kiasu Mom said...

Aiyoh... poor boy. My girl had the same episod 2 weeks ago. High fever (up to 39.6!) caused by tonsilities also. Luckily it was just the throat. She also had to take a lot of medicines and it was so tough forcing the medicines down her throat. She will only like sweet ones. Sigh... thankfully that is all over for me now. For 3 nights I didn't sleep as her fever will soar to 39. something at night. Scary moments.

1 lesson I learnt is that not all the medicine will work. I went to a GP and he prescribed her with antibiotics but after 2+ days she was still the same. I went back and got another antibiotic and it worked after 1+ day. The GP said you should know whether the medicine is suitable or not after max 2 days. If after 2 days we're not getting better, go back and get another one.

Hope Jared will feel better very soon!

treasure memories said...

I hope so. Luckily, I was able to catch some sleep in the afternoon. Not easy being a parent, right? YC teased me "You want another one?"

Kiasu Mom said...

At moments like these we will tell ourself, NO MORE kids but during the happiers times, we are tempted to go for more! RIGHT?! hehehehe

treasure memories said...

Yesterday night, Jaden had been coughing with running nose, he cried and told me at ~2am "Mummy, I think I'm going to die". He finally slept at 6am.