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27 June 2011

Flat Feet and at what age to get treatment?

25 Jun 11

As Jaden was growing up, we noticed Jaden has flat feet as his feet do not have arch.

In Oct 09 when Jaden was 2.5 years old, we took Jaden to see orthopedic and the orthopedic said it is normal for child of Jaden's age as arch hasn't formed yet and arches should form when he is older and it was too early for us to do anything, etc.

Jaden can't run as fast as his cousin who is 9.5 months younger than him. When he runs, he fall half the time. We took him to Foot Solutions and Schein at The Curve and both did not have solution for Jaden's age. Foot Solutions recommended us to take Jaden to see a Podiatrist, one is in TTDI and the other is in Sunway Medical Centre.

One day, over lunch, as I was talking to Fei Yin about Jaden's feet, she mentioned that her friend took her child to see a Podiatrist in TTDI. I goggled on the Internet and find Family Podiatry Centre which is the same Podiatry that was recommended by Foot Solutions. I read more about the centre and also the chief podiatrist and founder, Dr Mark B Reyneker.

It wasn't easy to get an appointment at the Family Podiatry Centre. Finally, we brought Jaden to the centre on last Friday.

On our first consultation, Dr Mark asked us a series of questions:
  1. At what age Jaden started walking?
  2. Did he use walker?
  3. Did he tip toe?
  4. Does he complain leg pain when walking in shopping complex?
  5. Does he complain leg pain at night?
  6. Any of the family member has flat feet?
Dr Mark asked Jaden to walk from one wall to the other for him to observe the way he walks. He also asked him to lie down to check his leg. 

When Jaden lying down, the feet has arch. Dr Mark said Jaden has flexible flat feet. The good news is it can be treated. For Jaden's case, it may take 4 years. Dr Mark explained to us that talus bone suppose to be horizontal but collapse when Jaden stands up.

I asked Dr Mark if it is too young for Jaden to seek treatment for his flat feet and he advised that the earlier the treatment for flat feet, the better it will be.

He asked us to get x-ray of Jaden's leg in standing position and return to see him with the x-ray. He also gave us a piece of paper with the wrong sleeping and sitting position. We should not sleep on our tummy or sitting cross leg to avoid putting weight on our legs and feet.

The following day, we brought Jaden to SJMC Specialist Centre at Taman Megah to get the x-ray done.

The consultation fee at Family Podiatry Centre was RM150 and the x-ray costs us RM55. I heard the special shoes or insole for flat fee is costly.

We hope to bring Jaden back to the Family Podiatry Centre to start the treatment for his flat feet this week before the doctor goes away in Jul 11 for a month holiday.


Kiasu Mom said...

Hey, if you don't treat it then what will happen? This is the first time I heard about flat feet. When my girl started walking, she also walked tip toed. Nowadays when she run, 7 out of 10 times she will end up falling (either tripping herself or tripping on something).

treasure memories said...

Some say do nothing, some say get treatment as early as possible. We just want Jaden to have a merry childhood and can run here and there. It's heart broken to see him falling when he runs.

A Worries Parent said...

Hi, how was Jaden flat food going? We just discovered last week that my son having same problem. May I know what are the current treatment that Jaden going for? Dr advice us to get a Arc support on he shoe, did you think that going to help?

treasure memories said...

Hi Worries Parent,

Jaden is still wearing shoes with the custome made insole. This is his 3rd pair. We are glad that Jaden can does the normal activities that kids of his age can do. He is used to it now and does not complain discomfort of the insole arch.

I suppose Arch support, shoes insole, etc helps in flat foot rather than no action taken.

It was a heartache to see Jaden fell every time that he ran prior to this shoes insole.