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18 June 2011

Bad News and Good News

15 Jun 11

Yesterday, Jaden came back from his mandarin class and complained pain on his hands and legs. Upon checking, Hubby found several red marks on his hands and legs. He told Hubby that an elder boy beaten him in the centre.

Hubby got angry and called the principal of the centre. The principal denied and say Jaden fell down. But Jaden told Hubby that an elder boy has beaten him and the red marks are over several spots on his hands and legs.
The night before the next Mandarin class, Jaden told us that he didn't want to go to the class anymore.

Today, Hubby went to the centre to speak to the principal. The principal is arguing that Jaden fell down. Hubby told the principal the red marks are here and there, not just one spot and showed her the bruises on Jaden's leg and hand. Hubby told her that Jaden fell down cause he was trying to run away from the older boy.

The principal didn't say much and Hubby told them that it is their duty to protect all the children in the centre.

On the other hand ... I'm such a proud Mommy.

Jared had his Kumon Maths test on last Monday. After the test and result, the Kumon Centre's principal came and congratulated Jared and Hubby. Jared has set record at his Kumon centre for being the youngest kid, at less than 8 years old, to do Secondary Maths.


Jennifer said...

Hi Mrs. Ng, a friend just asked me to read your blog. Reading what you have written on your boys' experience in Kumon inspired me once again. Will continue to do my best for every student because every single effort a teacher makes does count.
Congratulations! Your blog is interesting, Keep writing:) Jennifer

treasure memories said...

Thank you Teacher Jennifer for dropping by. Was surprise to receive your comment on my blog.

Well done on the good job at Kumon too. Keep it up!