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27 April 2011

Potato Cheese Cake and Roast Chicken

23 Apr 2011

I wanted to do so much over this Good Friday and Easter Sunday weekends.

Auntie YC invited us to her house for roast chicken dinner. I proposed to make Potato Cheese Cake, a recipe that I learned from Chef Malcolm during Electrolux's mobile truck cooking demo.
This potato cheese cake is different from the usual mash, baked or smashed potato recipes. I used potato, cream cheese, heavy cream, Parmesan cheese, butter, leek, shallot, garlic, egg, flour, salt and pepper.

The taste was good. My family and Aunty YC like it.

Cute tomatoes on the vine. We ate them raw with our salad.

Two different roast chickens ... the spicy and non-spicy types.
Jaden was hungry, especially with the aroma smell of the roast chickens.
He became restless as we were getting ready the dinner.

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Anonymous said...

Nice idea that potato cheese cake. I'll have to hunt around for a recipe like that one.