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16 April 2011

Lotus Root ... the natural healing for Nose Bleeding?

11 Apr 2011

Jared has a sensitive nose. His nose will bleed every now and then, especially at night just before his bed time. This has caused much inconvenience and disturbance to his sleep.

I used to have nose bleeding too, especially during my pregnancy period in 2006/2007, which is common for pregnant women. However, I still had my nose bleeding after given birth to Jaden. It was very scary to see blood flow from the nose and all the tissue papers full with blood.

My sister in-law, Jaydie recommended me to drink lotus root juice. I tried and the taste was awful. The miracle is my nose bleed stopped. I hardly have nose bleeding now, except when I was in Hangzhou during spring time where the air was dry. I had since forgotten about nose bleeding and lotus root juice.

When we went back to Segamat for Cheng Meng, Jared stayed overnight at Jaydie's house. Jared had nose bleeding again. Jaydie advised me, again, to let Jared drinks lotus root juice. I remembered the awful taste of the juice and worry that Jared may not drink it. Jaydie advised me to add honey to give some sweet taste to the juice.

On Monday, after dinner, we blended lotus root and added honey to the milky look juice. I explained to Jared that the lotus root will stop his nose bleeding. He obediently drank the one third glass of the lotus root juice and didn't complain much about the taste of the juice, except for the funny face look after he drank it.

It has been five days now and so far so good, there's no nose bleeding from Jared.


Kiasu Mom said...

Really? It doesn't help if we cook lotus root soup ah? Have to blend and drink it raw?

Hayley had nose bleeding twice, cause of her digging and constant nose blowing so far. Would like to try if she's experiencing more of this.

treasure memories said...

I've checked on internet and it is also recommended so.

You blend the lotus root juice the same way for fruit juice.

stephanie kok said...

Naomi got nose bleeding because she dig hard in her nose. heehee...

But as for Jaden, what is the root that cause it?

I think lotus root is for cooling that is why it is recommended to drink lotus root juice.

Normally old people say nose bleeding is due to 'heatiness' of the body.

treasure memories said...

Step, Jared likes to dig his nose too. The nose bleed is combination of nose digging and heatiness.

nose lift Philippines said...

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Irene said...

Hi, how many times do you or Jared have to drink this, and how often? Just the juice will do? Is honey compulsory because my daughter is on a sugar-less diet. Thanks in advance for your reply.

treasure memories said...

Hi Irene,

TQ for dropping by. Honey is not necessary but just to add some sweetness to the juice. So far, we've drank it twice. It did not stop the nose bleeding entirely but the episode has reduced.
Do see doctor for consultation. This lotus root is hear say advice.