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28 April 2011

Easter Day and Chocolate Red Velvet Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting

24 April 2011

I promised my nephew that I would bake more cupcakes for him since there weren't enough to go around during the family dinner at my parents' house.

This time round, I baked red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting.

I used beetroot and not coloring for the red colour effect on the cake. The recipe also call for cocoa powder.

Red velvet cupcakes and cheesecake are getting very, very popular. My friend, Audrey said I still bake the best red velvet cake. So happy to hear that.

However, my nephew prefers the butter cupcakes.

It was also my staff, Carmen's birthday. I brought a box of these cupcakes to office for her to share with our colleagues. My colleagues like it but some said its not sweet enough.

I baked for the whole 3 days from Good Friday to Easter Sunday. It was tiring but satisfying.

Need to shelf the baking activities for a while as Jared's mid year exam is just round the corner. I am more worry and stress than Jared for his exam. I don't remember my parents have to worry about my exam during my school time.


Kiasu Mom said...

Delicious nya....

Parents nowadays very kiasu.. scared the kids not doing well so have to make sure we revise with them. During our parent's time, don't think they have time to bother about us. My dad cant even remember which class I was in...

treasure memories said...

Yes, the moment I leave Jared alone, he will play his computer games, PSP, Wii, etc.