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26 April 2011

Good Friday and Butter Cupcakes with Butter Cream

22 Apr 2011

It's Good Friday and I took a day off from work, not that I'm a Christian and celebrate Good Friday.

In the morning, after dropping off Jaden to his kinder and had my nasi lemak breakfast, I baked butter cupcakes. My niece and nephews had been asking me when I was going to bake some for them.
This bottle of vanilla extract is from my sister. She bought it from Singapore for S$9.20. It goes very well with my butter cupcakes and gave a very good aroma and strengthen the taste of the butter cupcakes.

I decided to make more cupcakes this time round. A total of 48 of them! In between while waiting for those cupcakes to be baked, I did Science revision with Jared. His mid term exam is in less than 2 weeks time.
Thereafter, Hubby and I dropped off my car to car service workshop in our neighbourhood for service.

Finally, when I got home, I started to whip butter cream to ice those cupcakes. Since I still had some time, I decided to rush some cupcakes for Jaden's kinder teacher and also some for Jared to bring to school to share with his classmates.
I also shared some cupcakes with our neighbour and Jaden's mandarin teacher. The mandarin teacher was so nice. She shared the 4 cupcakes that I gave to her with all of her students.

It was a fruitful morning, achieved 3 things in the morning ... baked cupcakes, did Jared's revision and car service. I've made appointment for my spa manicure and pedicure. They are having promotion at special price of RM95 for both. I needed pedicure badly, my feet were very dry and they need a good pampering session. The last time that I had my mani and pedi done was just before CNY in Feb 2011.

The manicure and pedicure session was completed at 3.30pm but I was caught in a heavy rain. By the time I reached home, it was already passed 4.30pm. The last thing on my "To Do" list is massage. I took it for granted that I did not make any appointment and they were fully booked for the day. Couldn't complete this last thing on my list. Sigh ... cant tick of the list.

Instead, I had tea time with Hubby at home and he ate 4 of my cupcakes!
I went to my parents house for dinner and brought 16 butter cupcakes along for my parents, niece and nephews. Despite the heavy dinner, most of the cupcakes were eaten and only left 5 for someone to take home, which were obviously not enough to be shared among 3 families.

At night, just before sleeping, Jaden said "Mommy, your cupcakes so nice".
I am happy that small little effort from my end can make so many people happy. After all, it's Good Friday. So, let's make it a real good Friday.

Happy Good Friday! Hope it's a real good one.


Kiasu Mom said...

Wah fruitful day indeed.... the cupcakes looks nice :-)

treasure memories said...

Thanks. You should try to bake it, its very simple and Hayley will surely like it, especially with the piping of the icing.