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01 November 2010

Happy Halloween

31 October 2010

It was a hectic weekend ...

On Saturday, I brought Jaden to check out Krista, sent Jared to music class, groceries shopping, brought parents for Japanese dinner and followed with Glitz & Glamour musical show at KLPAC.

On Sunday, it was Jaden's school concert in the morning and followed with Halloween party in the afternoon. I didn't get him any special costume for the party, just dressed him up in black t-shirt.

Not sure what they were looking at, but they were surely gorgeous.

The kids learned to make pumpkin lanterns.

Jaden refused to have his lunch after his school concert. As such, he was very hungry at the Halloween party. Its good to watch him eating by himself and had so much appetite to eat.

Kids were also given bag to collect "treat or trick". Our dining table is full with snack, sweets, biscuits, etc collected from Students Day on Friday, school concert and this Halloween Party.

Simple and nicely done Halloween Party.


Kiasu Mom said...

Cute nya dia... :-)

treasure memories said...

Sangat jahat jugak.

Kiasu Mom said...

Biasala, kalau dia 'dungu' you pun worry lor... hehehe