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17 November 2010

Strawberry Pavlova at The Food Studio, Amarin Kiara

16 Nov 2010

Electrolux has been running the promotion "Unleash the Chef Extraordinaire in You" since May 2010. I've since invited a few friends who had bought houses and would need to furnish their kitchen with kitchen appliances.

The funny thing is I've never made it myself to any of the cooking classes conducted at The Food Studio for the last 6 months until I knew there would be Strawberry Pavlova class on 16 Nov 2010. Despite I've been baking Pavlova several times and the good feedback that I received, I had never seen how its been done and how it looks like, except from magazines and internet.

There were last minute cancellation by participants just a day before the class and hence, I invited my best friend Christina and Hubby to come along for the Pavlova class.

The Food Studio is located at Amarin Kiara, Mont Kiara, a freehold semi-detached house development nestled on a hill over-looking Mt Kiara and next to Kiaramas.

The Food Studio kitchen equipped with Electrolux home appliances.

Christina and Hubby chat with the chef and owner of the cooking house, Paul Neukirch before the class commenced. Hubby was talking to Paul about oven, its temperature and oven cannibalisation.
Paul explained to us the menu and ingredients for Pavlova and also the baking method in details.
The making of caramel ... butter, sugar, orange juice with blackberry.
During the class, Paul shared some baking tips. For making meringue, we should use room temperature eggs so that they would rise easier. The bowl used to beat egg white must be clean and with no old stain.

Meringue ... 4 eggs white, icing sugar, corn flour (for stabilisation) and white vinegar (to retain moist inside the meringue). Bake at 110 Celsius for 1.5 hours.
To decorate the mini pavlova, whip whipping cream at high speed. Spread whipping cream onto the meringue and decorate with strawberry, raspberry, blueberries, caramel and mint leaves.

The one on the left was decorated by me and the one on the right was decorated by the chef, Paul. I still need lots of improvement.

This mini pavlova is yummy ... crispy on the outside, moist in the inside. The sweet taste of the meringue and whipped cream goes very well with the citrus taste of strawberry, raspberry and cranberry.

Photos for the album. 7 of us attended the class which started at 10am and finish at 12.30pm.

We had a good chat with Paul on his culinary profession, Michelin starred restaurant and his upcoming HD cooking show on AFC, Astro.

By the way ... this is the first time Hubby and I attend baking class together.


Kiasu Mom said...

Didn't know that YC is also into cooking/baking.. lucky you :-). And the food sure looks super yummy!

treasure memories said...

In fact, YC is my "sifu". He got me into baking. Looking at the way he bakes, it seems like a simple chore.
And ever since he taught me, he has stopped baking/cooking cos he has me to bake for him. Smart guy.

Christina said...

Hi, you are marvellous and have updated your blog so quick. Thanks for the invitation for the class and please do not mention about the lunch as it is just a simple one. It was nice that we can take time out and enjoy life a little…haha!