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17 November 2010

Banana Cake

17 Nov 2010
After the pizza lunch, I decided to bake Banana Cake with Jaselyn. Since I do not have a daughter, I do not mind having my niece to play "masak masak" with me. Glad that she loved it too.
This is my new found, favourite tea time cake. It is Banana Cake, recipe from The Star Online Kuali by Amy Beh.
This cake is lovely. The first time I baked it, my family just loved it. So did Jaselyn and Darren. We love the nice aroma from banana which blend so well with lemon zest. It is easy to bake and full of goodness and nutrition.
I would suggest to use ripe banana as it adds sweetness and nice banana taste to the butter cake. Remember to eat the cake warm too (warm up for 10 seconds in microwave).
This is the link to Banana Cake by Amy Beh at the The Star Online Kuali.
Enjoy it! Be my guess.


Kiasu Mom said...

Happy New Year dear friend!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year, sweetie.