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15 February 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

14 Feb 12

Happy Valentine's Day!

I asked a few girls today. "What's your plan for tonight". They replied "Make love". I went "How boring!".

It's a working day for me and many others, except for those who took leave to celebrate the special day. Not for me and Hubby. After we got married, Valentine's Day is just another day for us, nothing special. So, I'm not expecting anything from him, probably not even Happy Valentine's wish. How sad?

Talked to Hubby in the afternoon, at about 3pm on family matter. Then, at 5pm, Hubby called and ask "What's our plan for tonight?" Nothing. All I want for Valentine's Day is Mee Rebus and Hubby went "Mee Rebus?". Then he said "Seow (Crazy)? Mee Rebus is only for lunch lar".

Then, Hubby called at about 6pm and said "Ok, we are going for mee rebus tonight. I'll take you to this surprise place". This is a good Valentine's gift for me. I like the idea that Hubby have a little space for me despite the busy schedule juggling the house construction, kids, etc.

The traffic back home from work was very heavy. It was raining in the evening. By the time I reached home, it was already 7.30pm and I could see the traffic at the opposite direction was extremely heavy too.

I didn't have my mee rebus as I couldn't eat beef gravy mee rebus, except for those sold by Chinese. But we did hold our hands and walked to stalls for our wantan noodle, claypot chicken rice and ikan bakar for dinner.

It is a simple and nice Valentine's Day for I love the idea that Hubby put a stop on other matters and pay attention on me.

Who said we need flowers and candle light dinner on Valentine's Day?


Kiasu Mom said...

Awww.... so romantic of Yee Chow :-). As for me, we went to a nearby mall celebrating the girl's birthday.

treasure memories said...

Yes, when he wants to ... which is once in a blue moon and the blue moon dont come often enough.

Kiasu Mom said...

At least there's still a glimmer of hope :-). Mine totally hopeless romantic.

treasure memories said...

hahaha ... not that bad lar. Else, how can he won your heart.