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23 March 2012

Jaden's 5th Birthday celebration at home

6 Mar 12

At home, we gave Jaden a simple birthday celebration as it was a week day and Jared was in the midst of his school exam.
Birthday present from us and his great auntie. Jared wanted to get a present for his brother too but we told him to do it after his exam.

 Jared helped Jaden to cut the birthday cake together.

Another birthday cake from Merienda de Eva, the famous Banana Toffee cake.

The cake was nice ... moist and soft, just a little sweet due to the caramel topping.

 Birthday present from Great Auntie, bought from New York.

 Birthday present from Daddy and Mommy.

Both boys enjoying the birthday presents. Good that they share their toys.

Belated birthday present from Jared. After school exam, over the school holiday, Jared bought it using his own pocket money. He paid RM31.90 for this TOMY Metal Fight Beyblade as this is Jaden's favourite.

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