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09 February 2012

Champor Champor Restaurant & Garden Bar, Langkawi

24 Nov 11

After checking out The Andaman, Hubby decided to take a drive out to have dinner at Pantai Cenang. He had checked out the reviews on Trip Advisor with overall good review on its food.

When we reached Pantai Cenang, Jaden had fallen asleep. While we waited in the car, Hubby went down to check out the restaurant. He came back and shake his head saying the restaurant had a very overwhelmed incense smell.

I decided to check it out myself and found the smells from incense and candles to be bearable.

The restaurant is a garden with lots of plants and wooden masks on the walls, floor, etc.

We ordered Calamari for starter. The serving was very small but the taste was great and it cost RM11. Since then, Jared has been asking for Calamari for almost every meals in Langkawi.

Dory fish for RM28.60.

Lamb for RM29.70.

Jaden slept throughout our dinner. Our dinner costs us RM80.30 for 2 drinks, 1 appetiser and 2 main course.

Overall, we find the food at Champor Champor to be nice but small serving. The smell of incense was a bit too strong for most people.


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