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27 September 2011

Adding more steps ... Omron Pedometer

26 Sep 2011

We all know walking is good for health but do we know how many steps we make in a day? 2,000 steps, 6,000 steps or 10,000 steps?

2,000 steps represents the average walking steps of desk bound worker. 6,000 steps is the recommended steps for healthier leaving and 10,000 steps are for weight management.

Aunty YC shared with Hubby and I of the walking challenge that her company was participating in. They were given pedometers by her company and she showed us her pedometer. We were surprised by the big gap and different steps a person can clock in ... from as low as 2,000 steps to more than 10,000 steps a day.

A few months later, Fei Yin bought 2 stepometer from Guardians for RM28.98 each under its PWP promotion and that reminded me to get one too. I wanted a gadget that can store memory and a more accurate measurement of walking steps. I goggled in the internet and most of the review recommended Omron as the most accurate pedometer. It has 7 day memory which is great to monitor steps over a period of one week.

Last Saturday, I bought these 2 Omron Pedometer HJ203 from Caring Pharmacy at Tesco Kepong for RM100 each. The green is for Hubby and the pink is for me.

The following day, I put on this pedometer and went to TTDI for my groceries shopping. In the evening, we went for jogging and I jogged 3 rounds around the park and clocked 3,000 steps from the jogging. After the jogging, we went to Tesco Kepong and walked around the mall.

Guess what? For the very first day, I walked about 11,000 steps and Hubby walked 8,844 steps. It was a great achievement for the first day record.

Today at work, I was busy with budget review. In between, I consciously made more steps to the pantry, toilet, out for lunch, etc but I only managed to walk 4,648 steps. I'm wondering how little steps it would be if I wasn't consciously making these extra steps.

Hubby put on the pedometer today too. On day 2, Hubby walked 5,732 steps, a drop of 3,112 steps from day 1 but higher than me.

It was a nice feeling that Hubby and I are consciously making more steps and doing this together. Wearing the pedometer all day long encouraged me to add more steps throughout the day. It is amazing how such a seemingly insignificant gadget may be of practical importance and motivating in achieving a healthier lifestyle.

I shared and show my pedometer to my boss today and he wanted to get one too.


Kiasu Mom said...

Good job, now you make me feel guilty too :(. Maybe I should walk to the end of MV for lunch today :)

treasure memories said...

Thank you, Amy. Today, we walked out for lunch and clock 1,300+ steps.

Jobless Girl said...

You did a great job.

treasure memories said...

Thank you. My boss got his pedometer and so did my colleagues.