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25 October 2011

Jared's 8th Birthday ... the way he liked it!

16 Oct 11

It's Jared's 8th birthday and it's also Jared's school final term exam. Jared has been complaining that his exam always crash with his school final term exam. He can't enjoy his birthday to the fullest.

During kindergartens time, his birthday crashed with the kindergartens annual concert and the teacher advised us to celebrate his birthday after the concert.

We told him that on his actual birthday, we would just celebrate it among our family. After the school exam, he could invite his friends over to our house so that they can play and have fun without having to worry about exam.

Jared wanted to invite his Great Auntie YC for family dinner. I asked him why and he replied "So that Auntie can buy me birthday present".  

The Friday before Jared's birthday, my sister baked this black forest cake for Jared's birthday celebration at my parent's house.
The cake was very moist and fresh as it was baked on the day itself.

We asked Jared what he wanted to eat for his birthday and he replied "A&W root beer and fried chicken". Hubby suggested that we take the children for jogging and play at the park so that they can have some exercise and good appetite thereafter.

Jared had his pedometer too and he wanted to have a race with us on the steps.

Can you find Jared?

Father and Son

They found it!

For Jared's birthday treat, his wishes are A&W root beer float and fried chicken. We also bought A&W mug for him too.

Sponge Bob birthday banner greeted Jared on his birthday on Sunday. 

We got him this Uno games, bought during Mattel warehouse sales.

As it's Jared's exam period, I did not bake any cake for him as I was stressed up by his exam. Stress is no good to baking, so decided to stay away during exam period. Instead, I ordered Angry Bird cake for him. In the evening, I asked Jared to accompany me to collect his birthday cake. Initially, he didn't want to but as I was getting into the car, he called me and ask me to wait for him.

At the bakery shop, there were green and pink Angry Bird cakes on display. Honestly, they weren't very nice as the bakery did not want to add too much colouring into the icing. The bakery recommended black Angry Bird to me as they used dark chocolate for the black colour effect and I had to add RM4 extra for it.

Jared was very happy to see his birthday cake, which is so much different from those two Angry Bird cakes on display.

This mini sponge cake costs me RM29. I am glad that I bought this. As we got into our car, Jared gave me a hug. I asked "What's the hug for?" He smiled and say "For the Angry Bird cake".

We had simple dinner at home. We made mushroom soup, salad, chicken chop with french fries and moussaka.

Birthday gift from Auntie YC ... Lego Star Wars limited edition set.

Overall, I guess Jared had a good birthday. Over the years as a Mother, I've learnt that the way we like it may not be the way our kids like it. I thought birthday treat must be something nice. I wanted to take Jared for his favourite Italian food but instead, he wanted A&W.

We need to stop the fun for Jared to do his revision for the next day's paper ... BM and Science. The birthday celebration will be continued with his school friends, after the final exam.


Kiasu Mom said...

Simple and nice celebration but your angry birds are so much nicer la :)

treasure memories said...

wow ... u made my day.