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07 September 2011

Bangkok - NaRaYa

6-7 Jun 11

My colleague brought me to NaRaYa during one of my business trip to Bangkok. It's Heaven! The things were so lovely and the prices were reasonable too. He brought me to the Sukhumvit outlet and the outlet occupied 2 floors. According to him, they always shop at NaRaYa as Christmas gifts for family and friends in Kuala Lumpur.

Before our recent trip to Bangkok, I wrote to NaRaYa on my intention to visit their outlets. They replied to me and recommended me to visit the Central World and Sukhumvit 24 outlets, which were nearest to the hotel that we stayed in Bangkok.

Christina and I went to the Central World outlet and it was full of people. Crazy! Everyone was carrying baskets and baskets of NaRaYa stuff as though they were free and both the cashier queues were so long.

After spending few hours in NaRaYa and bought THB1,730 worth of stuff, I still felt incomplete and kept on mentioning that Sukhumvit outlet is bigger and had more varieties. 

The following day, Christina suggested that both of us go to the Sukhumvit outlet while the two guys shop at Central World and Siam Paragon ... and so we went. She is such a lovely friend.

We spent another few hours at NaRaYa Sukhumvit and bought THB1,425 worth of stuff. I bought some souvenirs for family members and colleagues in the office and also for myself.

This set only cost THB285 (~RM29)
This set only cost THB245 (~RM25).

 Kitchen ware

More kitchen ware

NaRaYa is a good place to buy souvenirs from Bangkok ... reasonably price and very presentable.

At the Bangkok airport, they were so many tourists that carried NaRaYa bags and plastic bags full of NaRaYa products.


Kiasu Mom said...

Another honeymoon trip ah?? :)

Where you park your kids? I always wanted to go away for a short holiday with my hubby but we dunno where to park the kids :(

treasure memories said...

I invited my sister in-law and her kids to stay over during school holiday. Accommodation, food, car and maid provided. Am so glad that she came over and my mother in-law too and keep an eye on my kids and the timing was just right.