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05 March 2011

Our little pig is 4!

6 Mar 2011
Over the last few weeks, I have been consciously hugging, kissing and carrying Jaden. He would turn 4 soon and no longer a baby. Sometimes, we wish to stop the time so that Jaden will always be our baby.
Jaden has been looking forward to his birthday. He told us he wanted to celebrate his birthday in his kindergarten with all his classmates. He told me that he wanted a chocolate cake for his birthday. Everyday, he would ask me "What's the date today, Mommy?" "How many more days to my birthday?", etc.
Hubby and I told him that once he turns 4, he can not drink his milk from bottle and must drink from a mug. He also must eat by himself. With the maid around, the maid tends to help him and feed him with his food.
This morning on his birthday, once Jaden woke up, he said "Kakak, can you make me milk in the mug?". Hubby and I were pleasantly surprise that he remembered that.
We were prepared to face the challenges of convincing Jaden to drink his milk from mug. Surprisingly, he is so mature, understand the need to change and so receptive about it. Phew ... check, one mission completed!
To reward him, we gave him his birthday present. Hubby bought this Lego set for Jaden from Jaya Jusco.
Come lunch time, we also reminded Jaden that he needs to eat by himself. No more feeding from Kakak. Again, he did it willingly and in fact, he was having fun eating his lunch. Phew ... check, another mission completed!

In the late afternoon, Aunty YC came and bought another Lego set for Jaden. Jaden likes Lego set and with the number of Lego sets that we have at home, very soon our house will become a mini Lego land.

Aunty YC bought Jaden's favourite chocolate cake from Just Heavenly.

We did not have a big do for Jaden's birthday as Jared is still having his school exam. We invited Saw Cheng and kids to join us in singing Birthday song. Saw Cheng's kids are having school exam too. The kids had just finished the exam revision for the day and they were so delighted to have a break and share the lovely chocolate cake with us.

It is a very rich chocolate cake with banana layers.
The 4 years old Jaden and his favourite chocolate cake. Happy Birthday to you Jaden!


Kiasu Mom said...

big boy liao... happy birthday!!!
I also can't wait to train my girl to drink from a cup...

Kiasu Mom said...

Wow.. 4 already! Happy Birthday hensem boy!

I can't wait to train my girl to drink from a cup too but before that I need to be discpline and train her to be off diapers at night.. hahaha. I am a lazy mum....

treasure memories said...

I was lazy too. It is good to talk to other mothers. When I realised younger child was off diaper, I was determine to train Jaden and we made it.