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06 March 2011

Chicken Chop with Mushroom Sauce

6 Mar 2011

There was once when I was buying my chicken from TTDI market, there was a lady who ordered more than a dozen of deboned chicken legs. I was curious about what and how she was going to cook which so many deboned chicken legs and decided to ask her.

She told me that she makes chicken chop, the Western and Malay style and shared with me how she did it. I like the idea, something new variation for us to cook chicken.

Since it is Jaden's birthday today, I decided to cook something different for dinner tonight. I goggled the recipe and information on chicken chop from my favourite site ... Kuali from The Star online.

I found this Chicken Chop with Mushroom Sauce recipe and this recipe is the most viewed for chicken chop in Kuali. My maid reminded me that we did not have Worcestershire sauce. I did not know what sauce is this, how it looks like, what's the taste of the sauce and I had been looking for it for a while. This morning, I went to Tesco and found this bottle of Lea & Perkins Worcestershire sauce for RM6.39.

I also made whipped potato and salad to go with the chicken soup. Hubby, Jared and Auntie YC like the chicken chop.

The next time, I will try other variation of chicken chop and roast it in the oven rather than pan fried.

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