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27 February 2011

Jamie Oliver's Classic Victoria Sponge

26 Feb 11
Auntie YC gave me this copy of Jamie Oliver's "Cook with Jamie" cookbook. I had not tried any recipe from the book.
Today is Auntie YC's birthday. We invited her for her favourite seafood dinner, in particular, sweet and spicy crab from Restaurant Wong Poh.
Jared's school exam is around the corner. I need to do exam revision with Jared and I usually run errands on Saturday too. However, I knew I should bake a cake for Auntie YC's birthday, a simple cake. It is only complete to have a birthday cake to blow candles for birthday celebration.
Lately, I've fallen in love with layers cake, not the traditional Indonesian layer cake but cake being assemble in layers with whipping cream in between the cake layers.
I made this Classic Victoria sponge cake from Jamie Oliver's cookbook. I baked the sponge cake in the morning and assembled the cake in the evening, after our seafood dinner.

The results ... the cake on the top is done by me and the one at the bottom is picture from Jamie Oliver's book.
Auntie YC and Hubby love the cake. They were very impressed with the results for this first attempt, just by following instructions from the book.