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01 February 2011

Segamat Flood

1 Feb 2011

After the bad flood experience in 2006, Segamat is hit with another flood. This time round, it is during the peak traffic, rush travelling, going back hometown for Chinese New Year celebration.

Lots of people are affected by the roads not accessible, cancelled and reschedules train services, landslides, etc.

We are not sparred too. We were suppose to travel South to Segamat to my in-laws house for CNY reunion. We are on standby, look see mode now.

I am so proud of my brother in-law for the job well done on his His website was mentioned on The Star today under "Segamat flood updates on Facebook". He updates the flood situation in Segamat, roads accessibility, etc with photos taken and uploaded on a close interval basis.

There is no electricity and water supply in Segamat due to the flood. Telephone line is down too. Those people with handphone would have their battery running low and flat by now. As such, a lot of peoples are unable to stay connected with their family in Segamat. My brother in-law is very resourceful. He seems to know a lot of people in Segamat and able to link and keep the visitors to his website updated on family and friends condition.

He has done a fantastic job. That site probably has the highest hit in the last few days for those who planned to head South to be united with family for CNY reunion.

Well done, Jin and keep up the good work of sharing and caring. We are so proud of you.


Kiasu Mom said...

Hey so sorry to hear that you might not be able to make it back home for reunion dinner.

Your bro in law is indeed doing a great job! Nothing is more important that knowing the family is safe during such difficult times..

treasure memories said...

Noticed Hubby not as happy, guess he's missing his mother and family. I felt CNY is incomplete without visiting them too and suggested to visit them this weekend.

Thanks to Petronas ad for reminding us to appreciate our loves one.