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29 January 2011

Gong Xi Fa Cai! It's a Rabbit Year!

29 Jan 2011

This morning, when Jared and Jaden woke up, they hugged and caressed each other. That was so sweet, especially when both of them were wearing the same pyjamas too.

Later in the morning,

Jaden said "Daddy, can you play with me?"

Daddy answered "I'm busy."

Jaden told me "Mommy, can you don't give Daddy so much work?"

I asked Jaden "Why?"

Jaden replied "Because I want Daddy to play with me!.

That was so cute.

Chinese New Year is just a few days away. Hooray ... my maid and I have finally completed the entire house spring cleaning. Has started spring cleaning bits by bits since December.

In the evening, I made these almond cookies. Auntie Jenny gave me the recipe when we visited her in Penang. My 3 boys love them and I decided to make it.

The biscuits are very easy to make and the recipe only made these 2 cans of biscuits. I hope I can find time to make more tomorrow.

I love CNY decoration too. I've been doing simple CNY decoration at home since I was a little girl. Maybe, I'm in the wrong line and should be in interior.

This is the first time that I bought orchid. I saw this pot of orchid in TTDI market and bought it a few weeks ago for RM50, after some price negotiation.

At 6pm, Hubby drove us to Sg Buloh nursery to buy flowers. I bought this orchid at RM25 only, without any price negotiation. That's so cheap as compared to what I've paid earlier. This pot is for my office. I'm going to put it in my office and hopefully, it will bring some colours and joy to the office.

Aren't they sweet and pretty? Jared loves this photo.

Jaden loves the orchid too. He smell the flowers.

During CNY, I like my house to have lots of flowers. They add colours to our house and brighten up our days too.

I paid RM8 for this pot of flower.

I paid RM36 for this pot of flowers. I brought my pots along and asked the nursery to transfer the flowers to my own pots.

This pot of flowers cost RM19.

Tomorrow, I will go for manicure and pedicure. My fingers and toes have been showing me a "grumpy" look and that they too needed a fresh makeover.
I am looking forward to the CNY, to see my family, relatives, school friends, ex-colleagues, dancing school friends and the more the merrier.

Finally, I made a promise that from next year onwards, I will not change new notes for Ang Pow purpose. Who are going to deny their Ang Pows just because they are old note? We are going green and we should stop more trees been chopped just to print new notes.

Wish everyone a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year. May the year of Rabbit brings us Joy, Good Health, Peace and Happiness!


Kiasu Mom said...

Love the decor... can you come to my place and give it a make over? :-)

And yes I agree with you, new notes kill trees. I usually recycle the new notes (from my daughter's) angpows from previous years.

Shereen coming back in APril for 1 month. Maybe can arrange a meet up in April too (if we're not meeting during CNY).

Lastly, happy chinese new year to you and family!

treasure memories said...

Dear Amy,

We should meet up during CNY and in April too. See you soon.

Pike Man said...

Hemm.... deco was nice but i prefer the cookies more, so don't finish all - remember to bring some to office and give it all to Edmund Khoo.... remeber me and no other. : )) happy Chinese new Year to you and family..

treasure memories said...

Hello Mr Pike Man,

Not much almond cookies left but I'll surely bake for you after CNY.