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25 July 2010

Taipa Village and Macau's Almond Cookies

6 Jun 10

In the evening of our first day in Macau, we decided to take a short visit of the City. We asked the hotel concierge of a suitable place for the short walk and they recommended Taipa Village.

We took a taxi to Taipa Village and the taxi fare cost HK$24. Taipa Village is located just opposite of the hotel that we stayed.

We traipsed around Taipa Village which is like a picturesque maze of neat squares of pastel-coloured old houses.

Then, we saw shops selling Macau's number 1 food souvenir ... almond cookies and also handmade egg rolls, walnut biscuits, etc.

The shop assistants at Choi Heong Yuen Bakery let us tasted the almond cookies and that was so clever of them. We were caught and attracted. Those biscuits were so yummy ... super yummy, in fact. There were trays and trays of almond cookies, fresh from the oven and they were so fresh, crunchy and tasty with good aroma.

A man making handmade egg rolls. He looked very serious or probably he was tired, didnt even smile or talk to us.

A few relatives and friends reminded us to get them these Macau's famous almond cookies and I was so worry that I may not find them elsewhere that I bought them during this first trip out in Macau.

I bought these almond biscuits, egg rolls and walnut biscuits from both the famous, old-timer Choi Heong Yuen Bakery and Pastelaria Koi Kei. Spent HK$390.40. The good thing was during our trip to Macau, RM1 = HK$2.34 and it only cost us RM167 for these 14 boxes of cookies that I bought.

As we were walking and carrying all these boxes of cookies, Hubby suggested to drop these cookies in the hotel. We decided to take a walk back to the hotel, which is within walking distance. It was an interesting walk as we walked pass park, crossing roads, buildings, etc.

The good thing is Hubby didnt make a single complaint of buying 14 boxes of cookies and the troublesome of carrying them and had to purposely drop these boxes of cookies back to the hotel. The good thing of travelling without kids is we had free hands to carry things and can get things done easier and faster.

We were back to hotel at 6pm.

The interesting thing about these Macau's famous souvenirs is you can get them everywhere, or almost everywhere in Macau. Do not need to rush to buy them ... like we did.

These boxes of cookies were hand carried during our return flight as they were too fragile and precious to be checked in and they flew all the way from Macau. When I gave them to my parents, Dad told me that his employer does import these famous almond cookies during CNY season.


Kiasu Mom said...

I am so tempted to go macau... looks like I have to wait a few years :-(

When are you baking a cake for me to taste? :-)

treasure memories said...

Yes, you should and go without kids.

How funny, I was thinking of baking cake for you too, just feel like pampering you ... together with Victoria and Shereen if she's back. When will it be a good time for you?

Kiasu Mom said...

It's never a good time with kids.. hahaha. Was chatting to Shereen on FB the other week. She is not sure when she's coming back leh.

Maybe when you feel like baking one weekend, then you invite me and Vic to your house lor... we should make ourselves available :-)

treasure memories said...

Sure, hope it'll be soon.