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04 July 2010

ABC Cake

4 Jul 10

I learned to bake this cake from the Magimix demo class organised by The Cooking House. It was such an easy cake to bake that it is named ABC Cake.

Step A : Beat 7 eggs
Step B : Add in 500g Vanilla Sponge Mix
Step C : Stir in 300g melted butter.

That's it, as simple as ABC.

The ingredients is sufficient to bake the above 2 trays of cake.

The verdict ... everyone that has tested this cake love it!

I bake this for Christina and family today. Hope they will like it too.


Posh Alert said...

Wow..nice. Was it 20 or 40mins baking time?

treasure memories said...


Thanks for visiting my blog and join as follower.

According to my note is 180C for 40 minutes. I've baked it several times and I baked them for about 35 mins.