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26 July 2010

Antonio's, Taipa Village

6 Jun 2010

It was 6pm when we were back to hotel from Taipa Village and it was too early for dinner. What's better thing to do in Macau than going to casino, especially the casinos were located right in hotel lobby area. We had a round of casino, for about an hour, and I had my luck again with the slot machine. This time round I won HK$2,000! My biggest win ever in casino.

We walked to Taipa Village again as Hubby wanted to dine at Antonio's, a gem that we found while traipsed around Taipa Village.

Antonio's is an intimate Michelin-starred taverna serving delectable Portuguese cuisine.

Antonio's - 2 star-rated Michelin starred restaurant.

It is quite a small cosy restaurant and we were surrounded with foreigners who came to dine in this famous restaurant. A Philipine family was sitting on our right and a HK couple on our left.

Olive with garlic.

We ordered Sauteed Clam (MOP110) with garlic, white wine, olive oil and corriander as appetiser. The taste was excellent. I will try cooking this at home and I'll be happy if it taste half as nice.

Hubby ordered Tenderloin Steak Portugese style (MOP180) cooked with garlic and white wine and served with smoked ham, fried egg, potatoes and pickel.

I had Bacalhau com natas (MOP175) which is shredded diced cod fish baked in oven with creamy sauce and cheese. I could only finish half of the portion.

The funny thing is our 1.5 litre mineral water (MOP40) cost more than a glass of House White wine (MOP35). The total bill came to MOP594 (RM256) and its reasonable for this class of restaurant.

A photo for the album - taken with the owner of the restaurant. It was our first time to dine in a Michelin starred restaurant. We enjoyed the dinner with good food, no kids making noise at dining table and we also had a good chat with the friendly HK couple who sat next to us and also stayed in Venetian Macau.

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