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01 July 2010

CIMB Junior Day and Toy Story 3

1 Jul 10

Recently, we received an invitation from CIMB Preferred Centre for its CIMB Junior Day.

Jaden loves Toy Story 3 and when he saw the invitation card for this CIMB Junior Day with the Toy Story picture on it, he got excited and I decided to take a day off from work to take him to CIMB Preferred Centre to enjoy the day as it was written on the invitation card that there will be fun activities for kids.

Today, we received Toy Story gifts box from CIMB. There were this big box of Buzz Lightyear toy, Toy Story Activity Pack, Toy Story coins box and 4 Toy Story 3 movie tickets. Jared and Jaden were extremely excited to see them and call me at work if they may open the toy box.

They were fighting over the remote control Buzz Lightyear and finally, they settled with 5 minutes game of each round. The next morning, they woke up early and the first thing that they did were to play with the toy.

We will be going for the Toy Story 3 movie with Christina and family this Sunday and the kids were overjoyed.

Hubby and I were happy to see them so excited and happy.

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