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08 March 2010

Jaden's 3rd Birthday

Jaden's birthday was on Sat, 6 Mar. As he is only 3 years old and the birthday was just after Chinese New Year celebration, I did not intend to have any party or big celebration for him.

On Thurs night, after my company's belated CNY dinner, at 11pm+ I baked lemon butter cupcakes. The following morning, I woke up early to ice the cupcakes. The evening, we had a simple birthday celebration with my sisters and kids at mom's place.
Christina and I planned to visit Elena who had just delivered a baby boy on Sat (Jaden's actual birthday). The group would gather at my place. Since they were coming to our house, I decided to bake cake and invited them for tea before going over to Elena's house.
Hubby suggested to have a simple birthday celebration since friends would be at our house.

Simple birthday decoration put up by Hubby.

Lemon butter cupcakes baked on Thursday, 4 Mar at 11pm+.

Chilled orange cheesecake baked using 2 oranges and 1 lemon. No flavouring or colouring used.

Tiramisu baked in the morning of the birthday tea party.

Taa lah ... not bad huh! Its all about presentation.

Birthday card from "Ku Poh".

Birthday presents from "Ku Poh" and us ... Jaden's favourite toys ie Fire engine and Duplo set.

We had Ku Poh, Christina, Elena and Raymond's families at home. Other than Ku Poh, the others had a surprise when they saw the simple decoration and cakes on the table. We didn't tell them earlier about Jaden's birthday and just wanted friends to sing birthday song and eat cake together.
The kids loved the cupcakes, the adults loved the cheesecake and the strong kahlua taste of the tiramisu.
It was a simple and nice birthday celebration. I'm glad and had a BIG relieve that those cakes turned out well.
Happy Birthday to you, Jaden. May you grow up as a healthy and happy boy. Jaden said "I'm a big boy. I can play PSP".


Kiasu Mom said...

Wow.. 3 already... how time flies.. happy birthdat Jaden boy!

treasure memories said...

yes ... and we are getting older. how scary!