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23 March 2010

Police stopped me!

22 Mar 2010

After work today, I went for my Hot Yoga class. After the class, I was so sweaty and hot that my exercise t-shirt was all wet, I changed to a clean spaghetti strap top.

On the way home, there was a road block, which is a common sight nowadays. The uncommon thing is ... I was stopped by the police! After checking my road tax, I was requested by the policeman to pull my car to the side of road.

OMG ... what happened? What have I done wrong? My heart beat faster than Michael Jackson's Beat It.

Another policeman walked to me and asked for my licence. I took out my IC and that's not the right one. I took out my licence with photo on it and that's also not the right one. Finally, I found the renewal licence and gave to the policeman. Thank God, its only expiring in a few years time. Then, he walked over to the left of my car and checked my road tax. Its also not expired yet.

Then, the police said "OK". I said "OK? Then, why did you stop me?" The police said "Nothing, just checking".

Phew .... told you that I don't like driving and I don't like road block too. Not that I've done any offence, but I just don't like the "heart beating" feeling.

Must be the sweaty, hot, tired look after the Hot Yoga!


Kiasu Mom said...

You're just unlucky. They are hoping to find something wrong with you.

stephaeni kok said...

Maybe is due to your hot sweaty sexy look that the police stopped u.heehee

treasure memories said...

maybe ... i didnt look as innocent or naive on that day.