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25 October 2009

Hats Off to the Grad! It’s Party Time!

27 Sep 09

Jared was very excited about his birthday. He had been talking about his birthday since the beginning of the year. This year, he wanted a birthday party rather than the usual 20 minutes birthday celebration in school.

Hubby and I discussed and thought of a few celebration options ... have a big party at Club House, food catering at home with tent and clown, kids party in baking school, small gathering at home with close friends, party with Krista school mates and teachers, etc.

Finally, we decided on a birthday party at home with Jared's classmates and teachers from Krista. We were thinking since this is the last year that Jared will be in pre-school and most of his classmates will not be in the same class or school as him. We would also like to show appreciation to those teachers in Krista who have nurtured him over the last 4 years.

Since we did not know Jared's classmates and their parents, we need to give proper invitation with details of the party. I searched on the Internet for card making software and didn't like any of them. After a few days of searching, Hubby goggle search and emailed this Printable Birthday Invitation link to me.

While deciding on the design and wordings on the invitation card, lots of idea came to my mind. I scribbled the birthday invitation wordings along these lines ... Jared and his classmates will be graduating from pre-school, they will move into primary school, its a graduation, its a farewell, its also a celebration of Jared's Birthday, etc.

Jared likes Pokemon and I chose those characters for the invitation cards and mix them with some graduation and cupcake pictures.

Finally, this is what I printed on the invitation card:

"As we bid farewell to Pre-School years, let’s celebrate the beginning of Primary School Years. Jared will be turning 6 and we would like you to join in the Birthday Celebration too!"

I also thought of the activities for the day. Nowadays, it is a trend for kids to have parties in baking school where kids will make pizza, decorate cookies or cupcakes and get to take them home in a nice gift pack. I did make some enquiries and noticed that its quite pricey to have such party in baking school.

I decided to have my own version of cupcake decorating session for kids and printed this on Jared's birthday invitation card itself "Please RSVP to decorate your own cupcake to bring home". I knew this would create some excitement in the kids. I included Hubby and my handphone numbers for the parents to RSVP.

I printed 20 invitation cards, fold them and asked Jared to write his guests name on the invitation and envelopes.

I bought these colourful envelopes from Popular Bookstore.

We did not receive many RSVP phone calls or sms from parents of Jared's classmates. Unlike inviting our own friends where we could just email or sms to them to chase for confirmation. We did not have the parents contact numbers. I got worry as we need to know the number of people attending the party for food preparation purpose.

Few days before the party, I decided to print RSVP reply slip, wrote the classmates names, tick Yes or No and asked for contact number in case of emergency. It was a clever idea as most of the reply slip came back the following day. Malaysians are real lazy and love convenience though it means inconvenience for others :( I've forgotten to ask if any of the kids were allergy to any food. In future, I will include this RSVP reply slip in the invitation card itself.

It was a mix respond. Some of the classmates couldn't make it as it was still Hari Raya celebration, some asked if they could bring their siblings along which we welcomed very much, some came with their mother, etc.

I shall share more details on the preparation of the party, especially the busy day just before the party.


fatboybakes said...

gosh, he's a spitting image of his dad.

treasure memories said...

Yes, he is, especially the mouth. A lot of people said so.