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19 October 2009

Michael Learns To Rock Enternity Tour 2009 Live in Malaysia

5 Sep 2009

Michael Learns To Rock ... I love their love ballads.

When I knew of MLTR Eternity Tour 2009 Live in Malaysia on 5 September 2009, I told Hubby about it and he didn't have much reaction. Thereafter, I just close the subject.

Then one evening, Hubby asked "Do you want to go for MLTR concert?" and I answered him "Why? You are not interested". Before I knew it, Hubby booked online 2 tickets for us to watch their concert live in Arena of Stars, Genting Highland. I took out MLTR album and started to listen to their songs again to prepare for the concerts.

Despite the H1N1 outbreak, the hall was packed and I could hardly see anyone with face mask.

Jascha Richter, Kåre Wanscher and Mikkel Lentz enthrall the Malaysian audience with their popular love ballads.

MLTR is more famous in Asia. They shared their experiences in Asia.

The Actor - the most played songs in Indonesia's radio station back then.

Take Me To Your Heart - When MLTR were in Shanghai, while they were in a taxi, they heard the Chinese version of this song and liked it. They didn't understand the lyrics and decided to write this song in English.

Hubby and I enjoyed the concert. It was much better than we expected. Glad that they sang most of their famous love ballads ... 25 Minutes, Paint My Love, Sleeping Child, Take Me To Your Heart, Nothing to Lose, I'm Gonna Be Around, That’s Why You Go Away, The Actor, You Took My Heart Away and many more.

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