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27 August 2009

A BIG 40 Birthday

Initially, I wasn't sure how I should feel about today. Today is my birthday and I've reached another milestone ... that is 40. So sad, no more 30s.

Initially, I was thinking of having a BIG celebration but then I didn't feel comfortable with 40. That sounds so old! In addition, we usually send invitations for kids party and not "You are invited to celebrate my 40th birthday ...".

Many say age is just a number, so long we are young at heart, get wiser and smarter over the years. I like this saying and the younger ones, please remember this saying.

The other thing is with the technology getting advance, we are losing on personal touch and emotion. Rather than having non-stop ringing phone calls, I received smses and messages on Facebook for my birthday wishes. So sad ... didn't my friend want to chat with me?

One of the smses that worth to mention and treasure is from my best friend from secondary school (you know who you are :)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Welcome 2d BIG 40 club ... hehehe

think of d bright side ... "F" from FORTY has many 2 offer ... Fabulous Future, Faith, Family, Friendship, Fruitfulness, Freedom, Frame, Favorable Food & many more ... may u enjoy all these!

Life begins when one hits d BIG FOUR '0' ... enjoy.

I didn't have any birthday cake on my birthday. Guess that people stop buying birthday cake for me just because I do bake cakes.

I took a day off from work today and had groceries shopping in the morning. Hubby took us out for lunch at Goldhill Club. Thereafter, I went for facial, massage and hair treatment. The good news is the staff there remembered my birthday and they thought I'm in my early 30s. Let's just keep it this way.

I thank my family and friends for remembering my birthday. Thank you for all the birthday wishes, be it in the form of sms, facebook, email, etc ... its the thought that count. Despite the challenging and demanding expectation from a working mother, I'm glad that I still have a spot in your heart. I'm glad that we are friends and ... I'm touched!


Kiasu Mom said...

You're welcome.. I am glad that I remembered too despite being so forgetful since becoming a mother :-)

treasure memories said...

OMG ... the next challenge is for me to remember yours. Can you remind me to wish you?