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27 August 2009

Happy 1st Birthday to treasure memories

Today is my blog, treasure memories 1st Birthday. I started blogging exactly a year ago and has since wrote 119 posts. That's about a post for every 3 days.

Initially, when I started blogging, I wasn't sure what to write or what I may write so as I didn't publish too much privacy on the internet. As I went along, I write when I feel like writing.

Most of my friends "salute" me for the passion and determination to create a diary to treasure memories. They wondered how I manage to find time to blog. I guess, its all about priority and interest. If you have the will, you will have the way and find time to do so. Though that means sacrificing my sleeping hours.

I do not wish to regret for not doing things that I wish to do, or sighing that I should have done this and that. All of us have 24 hours a day and I find "busy" is a very, extremely very, loosely used word. We used "busy" as a reason for not doing things or as an excuse for not wanting to do things.

I wish to improve on my blog, especially on the layout. As I also only have 24 hours a day, I need to prioritise. So what that my blog layout is not attractive or have lots of room for improvement. But its not my intention to have the most outstanding blog but rather an avenue for me to write and share with families and friends. Shall keep the blog this way till I find it eyes sore.

Do bear with me and stay tune!

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