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01 September 2009

Pink Cupcakes for Baby Full Moon

My schoolmate, Andy and his wife, Quin have another baby girl, Kyle. We were invited to their full moon party last Saturday.

I love cupcakes and always wanted to make beautiful cupcakes. Since Kyle is a baby girl, I decided to attempt to make sweet, lovely cupcakes.

For a few nights, I browsed through internet, baking magazines, Wilton book, etc to get some cupcake designs idea and also to look for more information on the right texture and ingredients for butter cream icing. Those nights, I fell asleep on baking books and magazines.

On Friday, I dragged my colleagues to Wilton baking shop located opposite my office during lunch time and bought "Baby Booties" sugar candy.

The next morning, I bribed my hubby to have breakfast at Old Town Kopitiam which was located near to House of Ingredients to buy Wilton Tip 1M (RM7.70), 4 Pastel Icing color (RM22.70), Cupcake baking cups (RM6.50 for 50 paper cups, love these white baking cups as no baking tray is required to bake cupcakes) and ingredients.

I made butter cream icing and a total of 6 designs cupcakes in pink and cream colour, using Wilton tips. Thanks to my sister for letting me experiencing with her Wilton decorating tips.

It was a project for me as this is my very first attempt to make cupcakes as a gift for special occasion. I am quite happy and satisfy with the results as I self-learned these decorations from internet, Q&A, etc. I wanted to attend classes to learn cupcake decorations but didn't get to do it.

Hubby said the cupcakes looked professional and the icing was not too sweet ... hmm hmm.

Neny came to my house the following day and tried the last 2 cupcakes left. She liked the butter cream icing as it was very smooth and not sandy. I was recommended to use glucose instead of icing sugar to obtain smooth texture icing.

Mission completed!


soh said...

My dear friend..... congratulations! Your effort is worth it. I know how satisfying it is to see your 1st attempt came out well!

Nie said...

Yup, it's very nice and so cute for the 1st attempt indeed. Envy your butter cream icing which is so smooth and yummy.
Had a very great time together and we thank you so much for having us.
(Got to do more often, maybe next time I'll bring some foods/cakes as well).

Jo said...

WOW...if you don't mention it, it will be difficult for me to guess that it is your first is so beautifully done!

treasure memories said...

Thank you, thank you. Baking, and especially those cakes that come with decorating are very time consuming and pricey. Glad that the effort paid off.

Kiasu Mom said...

Can open shop oredi.. hehe

Jo (SiL) said...

What can I say...simply SPECTACULAR! Well done.

treasure memories said...

Cannot lah. My only customers will be you gals only.

The cupcakes are nice but not as nice as many others. Still need lots of improvement. Let's just stay as it is, for hobby and leisure for my family and friends consumption.

Cawerlyn said...

My dear, you are great! I am glad to know you. Those 'creation' looks so wonderful that I would rather keeping them than eating them!!! Couldn't make it that day cause hubby finished work late at 10pm. Missed those cakes. I would say this is indeed a thoughtful and beautiful gift to a dear friend. Keep this lovely spirit and may your hobby brings you great happiness! Hey, any clue when is your next attempt? Can I peep???

treasure memories said...

Hi my SIL Jo, if Jilian and YieThern were here, I would bake for their birthday. Happy Belated Birthday to both of them.

CWL, I thought you were in Ipoh. I baked cupcakes (butter lemon flavour) again yesterday night as my family didn't get to each much the last round. My colleagues had "Hau Fook". We can have baking cum tea session just like what we did at WP's house few years back.