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20 August 2009

Jared's First Letter

Last week, Jared asked his Daddy "How to write a letter? How to write an envelope?".

Today after lunch, since there's not much homework for Jared, Hubby decided to show Jared how to write a letter.

Jared wanted to write a letter to his Ah Ma (grandmother) in Segamat.

Hubby said letter should be dated and Jared wrote today's date on the letter.

They discussed what to write on the letter to Ah Ma. Jared wanted to talk about fishing. Hubby suggested Jared to tell Ah Ma about what he's doing currently ... about his Kumon and Yamaha. Then, Jared wrote about Kumon and his upcoming Yamaha music exam. As he wrote, he asked Hubby the spelling for some of the words.

The birthday sentence was his idea. Guess it was his hint for birthday present.

Finally, Hubby taught Jared how to fold the letter, put in an envelope and seal it. Jared wrote Ah Ma's address on envelope and paste a stamp on it.

After Kumon, Hubby took Jared to neighbourhood post office to drop off the letter at post box. Jared asked "How can the postman deliver the letter to Segamat since its so far to Segamat?".

I found this whole experience to be so special and sweet that I must blog it to capture and treasure this special memory.

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