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04 January 2011

Baby Names and Translation from English to Chinese

4 Jan 2011

My colleague will be a father soon. I'm so happy for him. I remembered attending his wedding dinner last year. Both him and his wife love to travel, the adventurous type of travelling. I've been reminding him to enjoy it while it lasts as once they have their baby, the type of travel will be totally different, with stroller, nappy, milk powder and bottles, etc, at least for the first few years. He was frightened by me ... hahaha.

Today, he sat next to me in our hugh conference room. He asked me for nice, suitable baby girl's name ending with surname "Khoo".

I used to browse thru internet to get ideas for my sons names. This famous baby names website is useful. They provide most popular names for male and female, by ranking. They also provide the meaning of the names and their origin.

The other useful website is baby name translation from English to Chinese. We can obtain our Chinese name based on the chosen English name and also find out our sign in the Chinese Zodiac. The name recommended also take into consideration what kind of characteristics we want to be expressed in the name, gender and birthdate.

Hopefully, others will find them useful.

At the point of writing, my colleague has shortlisted "Natalie Khoo" and "Cassendra Khoo". I told him for his next baby, if it is a boy, to name the baby "Nat King Khoo". hehehe

Happy Naming!


Kiasu Mom said...

I prefer to follow my heart when it comes to naming :-)

treasure memories said...

But we need some name ideas for the heart to tell us, right?

Kiasu Mom said...

I dunno wor. For both my kids, even before knowing their gender, I will have a name that pops to mind either in a dream or while driving etc. It just came to me and its a name that I like too. Weird hor.

In fact, I find it hard to find chinese names cause I dunno Chinese :-(

mum said...

Thanks for all your info...
i guess i can use them very well

treasure memories said...

Thanks mum for dropping by and thanks for the link too.