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30 June 2010

Jared & Daddy

28 Jun 2010

Lately, Jared is getting naughtier and naughtier. He took a long time to wake up in the morning and freshen up, to eat his meals, to get ready to school, to get ready for his music and Kumon classes, etc. He's not as discipline where he used to do his Kumon without having us to ask him to do so, he would practice his keyboard, etc and he has been careless and did not do his homework diligently.

Hubby and I have been telling him, scolding him, reminding him, etc. His performance in Kumon and music classes are deteriorating. Initially, we thought he was adjusting his time and schedule to fit into the afternoon class of Standard 1.

Hubby and I have been busy too. We didn't spend as much time with Jared on his homework, Kumon, practice keyboard, etc. Over the last weekend, both of us discussed about the change in Jared's behaviour and academic performance and also our duty as his parents.

I also reminded Hubby that he used to sit down with Jared and talk to him about the Do's and Don'ts before Jaden was born where we had more time and attention on him only. It's like a man talk which I admire and Jared look up to his Daddy.

We felt, probably Jared was trying to get our attention that he purposely misbehaved or he felt left out with the existence of Jaden, who is at such a cute stage now.

On Monday, while I was at work, Hubby decided to talk to Jared. He kept me posted when I came back from work.

Hubby: What do you expect from me as Father's duty to son?

Jared : To teach me, to love me, to coach me and to play with me. (in exact sequence).

Hubby: My expectation from you is to "listen". My job is to teach you and in order to do that, you need to listen to me.

Jared : I don't like to be beaten.

Hubby: Ok, I don't beat you but in exchange, you must listen.

Hubby told me that Jared was a good boy that day. He ate his dinner fast and did his Kumon homework diligently.

This was so emotional and it was such a special moment that I must blogged about it.

And so, they live happily ever after .... for a day!


Kiasu Mom said...

Sigh... my daughter is at the same stage now. Refused to listen, eat very slowly, refused to bath when asked etc but I think she is still too young to be taught in that manner - how I wish I can sit down with her and negotiate like that.

treasure memories said...

Actually, YC used to do that with Jared when he was at very young age. We stopped doing that when we are so busy with other things and we noticed the change in his behaviour. I reminded YC about it and now we are trying to remember to do that consistently.