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06 June 2010

First Train Trip to Segamat

5 Jun 2010

During the last school holiday, mother in-law (MIL) wanted us to send Jared to Segamat as she would like to spend more time with him and also for him to experience small town life. Jared loves to pick rubber seeds, play with his cousins and their dogs, etc. Jared didn't go to Segamat during the Mar 10 school holiday as it was just a week holiday and we had earlier planned for a trip to Kuantan.

Hubby and I will be away for holiday in Macau for a few days during this Jun school holiday. We made arrangement with MIL to take care of them while we are away, with the help of our maid. MIL suggested for them to spend some time in Segamat and offered to take them down by train.

MIL took a train up to KL on Thursday. She bought train tickets for the trip to Segamat on Agung Birthday ie 5 Jun 10 at 2pm.

We had our earlier lunch at 12pm and reached KL Sentral train station at 1pm. Jared and Jaden were very excited when they reached the train station. When Jaden saw arrival of trains, he got excited and wanted to take those train. We told him the train to Segamat is not here yet and he said "Train, come come fast".

At about 1.40pm, there was an announcement that the train that departed from Butterworth would be delayed by an hour to 3pm. It was so disappointing and frustrating as there's not much things to do in KL Sentral and it was quite warm as the air-conditioning wasn't functioning well. Hubby suggested to take the kids out for a ride.

We went to Mc Donalds at Pusat Bandar Damansara and ordered french fries and ice-cream. Jared and Jaden were very happy to eat french fries and forgotten about the train. We left Mc Donalds for KL Sentral at 2.20pm.

Finally, the train arrived and they left for Segamat at 3pm and only arrived at 8pm. It was a long day for them. When we called MIL and asked about the kids, MIL told us that they ate a lot for dinner. Must be very hungry after the long train ride and long day out since 12pm.

I wonder if they will still like to take train after this 5 hours of train ride to Segamat.

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