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01 June 2010

Can Jared keeps the kitten?

1 Jun 2010

Yesterday, Jared called me after he came back from his school.

Jared : Mommy, there's a skinny kitten outside our house. He's so cute. Can we keep him?

I'm not animal lover and I don't like cats, dogs and any animals with furs to come near me or touch my leg. I will scream when cat walk under my dining table in restaurant and if its tail touch my skin.

I said : No, Jared.
Jared : Please Mommy. The kitten is so poor thing. She's so skinny and hungry.

Last week, the paediatrician just said Jared is allergy to air. It could be termites, dust, animal, etc.

Later at night, Jared heard the kitten calling and he ran down the house. He was worry that the kitten is cold outside and has no place to sleep.

Today, Jared mentioned about the kitten again.

I consoled him and said : I think the kitten is back to her mother.
Jared : No, if the kitten has mother, how come it is so skinny? I dont think she has a mother.

After a while, we heard the kitten calling. Jared jumped with joy and said "It's the kitten. Her name is Meow. I named her that". He quickly grabbed a torchlight, open the house door and called "Meow".

I remembered Jared used to tell me "Mommy, can you try not to be scare of cats and dogs? They are very nice. They wont bite you. Please .....".

This boy has a good, loving heart. Hubby and I are very happy for that. But Jared still can't keep the kitten due to my selfish reason and also his health.

Yes ... Jared told me today that he found coin in the school compound and gave it to his teacher. He said "My Moral subject teach me that."


Kiasu Mom said...

You know what, maybe you should let him keep the kitten since he's ready. I always think it's good to instil love in animals with kids and he surely does have a good heart. I think as long as you keep it clean, it shouldn't do a lot of harm and maybe it will help him fight his allergies, you won't know..

You've done a great job being a great mom!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Amy. I dont think I'm ready to have a pet at home yet. Hopefully when we move to bigger house. Rather than I instill love in animals with kids, my kids are trying to instill it on me :)