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10 May 2010

Jared's 1st Exam

10 May 2010

Jared has his very first academic exam on Monday, 10 May 2010. The exam timetable and reading material instructions came in 2 A4 pages long.

Hubby and I are not sure if Jared understands the importance of this exam but we were a little worked out by this exam. Hubby did revision with Jared on his non-Chinese subjects in the morning before Jared goes to school and I will do revision with Jared on his Chinese subjects in the evening when I returned from work. Jared is not used to study or do so much revision in a day.

I hope Jared will be able to understand the questions and answer them well. We are concern that he may make careless mistakes, as he always do.

I used to tell my sister not to be so worked out by her kids examination (as our parents did not and had no time to worry about our exams) and now, we have to be reminded that this is only his 1st exam and there will be more exams to come and he is only in Standard One.

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