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08 May 2010

Fondant Animal Cupcakes

8 May 2010

I always love cute cupcakes and to make figurines or models require fondant or gum paste. However, I do not like the hard and sweet taste of fondant. But I can't resist the cute figurines either. I have been browsing websites of baking and culinary school and registered with them so as I'm notified of their classes.

On 20 Apr, I received an email from Cake Connection on its May 2010 classes and I saw this "Animal Fondant Cupcakes" class and the picture of animals figurines which were so cute and I registered for the class.

There were a list of things that we have to bring to the class. As I am a first timer to fondant cupcakes, I need to buy 7 items out of the 10 items to bring to the class. Hubby was very nice to drop by House of Ingredients which is located near our house and bought a 2.5 cm round cutter (RM3.90), modelling tool set (RM29.90) and Flower Blossom (RM14.50). I bought Wilton 9" rolling pin from Cake Connection itself (RM39.90).

First, we learned to create this Signpost, Bushes and Blossoms cupcake.
The one on the left is a model for us to refer and the one on the right is my creation.

Then, we learned to create a Froggy resting on a lily pad.
This particular froggy is created by me. I've applied too much glue to stick eyes to the froggy head.

Worm with leaves.
The green figurines.

Cute little lion.

One thing that I realised about fondant cupcakes decoration is we need to be creative, patience and have eyes for detail. Then only we can create a cute and alive figurine. Small, small detail will make lots of difference to the figurine.

Blushing elephant with dust pink edible dust onto cheek, 3 tiny hairs and wrinkles on the legs.
I feel in love with it when I first saw this elephant ... extremely cute, sweet and adorable.

Side view ... just a cute.

Back view ... even cuter, especially the tails.

Giraffe ... this is the last and most tedious and detail figurine to create.

Giraffe with brown body spots.

The class was from 10 am to 1 pm and there were 10 students in the class. It was suppose to be a relaxing Saturday morning class but we had to learn 6 figurines in 3 hours time span. The instructor has been watching and monitoring the time and it was an intense class as this is not a beginner class. The class ended at 1.30pm as there was another class at 2pm. Looks like baking class is a good business now.

Our instructor, Ms Paige Fong. A very creative, cheerful and helpful person. She even gave us her email address and handphone number for us to contact her if we have questions regarding the class.

My creations. Not very nice but I'm not complaining considering this is my first attempt of fondant cupcake decorations and we were working under an intense environment within 3 hours time span.
I hope to have time to try these out at home.


Kiasu Mom said...

So nice, how to eat la?????

treasure memories said...

I dont eat them lor. Nice to see, hard to eat.

Cawerlyn said...

marvelous attempt! I love them all-the cute little wildy...if can, I would prefer to recreate them with clay so that I can keep them forever!!! You are right, any tiny detail counts to create something that's need simplicity.. bravo! when will you make these again?

treasure memories said...

Hopefully soon. Now concentrating on Jared's exam, then YC's tax submission. I remembered you love these too.

Macy said...

Ooo!! I love them all!! Great job! Wish I were there... Pls pls pls let me know when they have another class for fondant figurines.

treasure memories said...

Macy, I know you'll like it. That's why I asked if you would like to come along. You may subscribe to Cake Connection so that you're kept informed/updated on their classes. Hope we may share knowledge/experience soon, just like how you shared your scrapbooking skill with me.

rossella said...

You're very very able to do these animals, I give you all my compliments!!!

treasure memories said...

Thank you Rosella for dropping by. I'm still learning, compliments should go to Teacher Paige.

This Fondant Animal Cupcakes is my popular post. I'm glad that I'm able to share my experience with people like you.