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18 January 2009

Genting Highland Dec 08

During the Dec 08 school holiday, we decided to take the kids up to Genting Highland. We invited my sister and her family and decided to bring my niece and nephew along for the kids to have fun at the theme park.

We reached Awana Genting Resorts early, at 11am+ and the rooms were available for us to check-in while house-keeping was still cleaning up the rooms. We left our luggage in the rooms and proceed to Genting Theme Park ticketing counters. There were lots of people there and with long queue. We bought 2 family package (at RM125 each for 2 adults, 2 children) + 1 adult (RM38) and 1 child (RM27) tickets for the outdoor theme park.

While waiting for the elder boys on Thrill Rides, we brought Jared and Jaden to the newly opened, Beryl's Chocolate Wonderland. Its all about chocolate and photo taking.

We persuaded Jared for a long, long time before he was willing to take a ride on the Rodeo Rider and experience the wild wild west!

The only Thrill Rides that the kids took was the Spinner, a whirlwind adventure that take you to breathtaking new heights of excitement with 48 individual seats, oscillates and tilts rides that can rise up to 8 feet, with speed of 3.5 meters per second for 90 seconds.

The kids were so hungry under the chill weather and we had lunch at Marrybrown Fried Chicken. The fried chicken was so yummy under the cool weather. We enjoyed 10% discount with Genting Worldcard.

A long queue, long waited Monorail ride. I'm not sure if its worth it for the much time wasted on waiting for the monorail. Its basically a train ride offering a scenic view of the lake and the overall Outdoor and Indoor Theme Park in full panoramic colour.

Some of the views from the monorail:

Flying Jumbo, a joyride on cute flying baby elephants. There were a total of 16 units with capacity of 2 per unit at speed of 1 - 7 rpm for 3 – 5 minutes.

Kids surrounding clown for balloons.

Jared and EH had bumping thrills on the Junior Bumper.

Gigantic bugs spin around on the Busy Bug carousel. Jared didn't like this spin at all. To him, its too kiddie.

A totally tired group of people, catching up energy and warm on wafer, steam corn, etc.

Double Deck Carousel

This magical 11-metre marvel that's in the Guinness Book of Records for the most number (1,001) of coloured lights! With a patented design that includes an incredible horizontal steam engine and organ. Riding on a proud white charger, a fiery black stallion or even a mystical chariot in

This photo was taken from our car, while on our way back to Awana Resorts for freshen up.

We had our dinner at Lake View Seafood Restaurant located on the 2nd Floor of First World Hotel.

Fried squid.

There's 30% discount on Genting vouchers with this restaurant and after discount, the bill came out to RM171.45.

After dinner, the kids wanted to play at the Indoor theme park, which is located in the same hotel. We bought additional 6 tickets for pay per ride at RM8 each.

Total spend on theme park is RM363. KK was right. We should have bought All Park tickets as the additional charge was not significant and yet the kids could have unlimited rides at the Indoor theme park.

On return, we logged in to Genting website and found out that its cheaper to purchase theme park tickets online. We could enjoy 10% discount on online purchase and plan activities and schedule ahead. Never mind, lesson learned for the next theme park outing.

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