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20 January 2009

Chinese New Year, Year of Ox - Decorations

I always go to Sg Buloh nursery to buy pots of flowers and plants for CNY.

A week before CNY, I took a day off from work to go to the nursery, while Nina was spring cleaning the porch area to prepare for nice pots of flowers and plants. I don't like to go there on weekend as the place will be crowded with people and the service and attention from the nursery staff will not be as good.

The nursery recommended me to buy "Kat Cai" as this year's economy is not good. According to her, this year they sold lots of Kat Cai. This is my first year buying "Kat Cai" for CNY.

I bought this plant as I like its posture ... standing tall and glory.

These are so beautiful! I like the colours, the shape of the flowers and the joyous feeling that they bring.

Flowers in full blossom and Spring is in town. Thank you flowers, you bright up our lives!

Some greenery as well. I brought my own pots and asked the staff at the nursery to pick plants/flowers that match all the pots that I brought there. The staff were very helpful and they did a good job in picking and transferring all the plants and flowers into my own pots.

Money plant ... a good feng shui for the house.

I also bought 3 hanging flowers pots. In total, I spent RM156 for all the above plants and flowers, excluding my own pots.

My little garden looks so beautiful now.

Red cloth to tie the living hall curtain.

Cushion covers that I bought from my recent Beijing trip. They match the sofa and curtain perfectly.

Wine bottles dressed in cheong sum covers and "kam" from 4th auntie. The wine bottle covers were bought by her from Shanghai a few years back. They still look very nice and new as we only use them once a year during CNY.

  • Cookies from Klang auntie, who made and sell cookies during CNY.

  • Chocolate chips cookie baked by me, recipe from Nigella, recommended by my sister.

  • Soya crackers from Section 17 market.

  • Spices muruku from 7th auntie who bought 5 packets for me from Penang.

  • Almond, cashew and pistachio nuts from dad.

Ox soft toys from Beijing.

Look at these lovely "OX" angpow packets ... very cute!

OCBC bank always produce very nice angpow packets. These collections are from Msia and Spore branches over the last few years.

Angpow packets from Tumble Tots. We used them for Jared and Jaden's angpows.


Kiasu Mom said...

Love those flowers and plants and love those home decor. You really creative la.. salute salute :-). I went to Vic's house warming. Only Jane's family and mine turned up :-(

Jo said...

WOW! I love everything you did for your house..i was so busy throughout Jan that i only manage to do last minute shopping. So i miss out a lot of things. Sorry din get to wish you earlier, but here i wish you all the best for the year of Ox and may you and your loved ones be blessed with lots of love, good health and tons of wealth.

treasure memories said...

Hi Amy,
Thank you, Thank you!
How's Vic and baby? Didnt know that she moved to her new house. Thought she has just delivered a baby girl. Wish her all the best.

Hi Jo,
Yes ... tons of wealth so that we can have crazy shopping at Papier and buy all those lovely papers, embellishment, machine and gadgets :) Decor is to add colours to everything, the most important is joy and happiness within the family. See you soon.

foongpc said...

Nice photos of your house and all those flowers! : )

treasure memories said...


The house is nice for photo taking purpose only. Thereafter, it was messed up by my 2 boys.